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No. There are a lot of models which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary

Bezzera - Filterbasket

Bezzera - Filterbasket

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The filterbaskets used on the Bezzera espresso machines are all the same, this is also the case for the domestic as well for the commercial espresso machines.

The outer diameter for all the Bezzera filter baskets is 70mm.. The size does depend if you want a single filter basket or a double one. The height of the filterbasket depends on how many ground coffee needs to fit into the basket. The single filterbaskets can contain about 6/9 grams of ground coffee and the double filter baskets can go from 14 all the way up to 22 grams.

So all the filterbaskets on Bezzera espresso machines are interchangeable, so if you have a filterbasket used on a Bezzera Strega, Unica, Magica or BZ07. They can be used on a commercial model such as the Bezzera B2000, B2006, B4000 and the B6000.

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