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Bezzera Unica electrics 

Bezzera Unica electrics 

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Our selection of Bezzera Unica electrics spare parts

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    The bipolar switch on this product page can be used on various espresso machine brands such as San Remo and Bezzera. The San Remo part reference for this item is 10553060 and the Bezzera part reference is 7633326. This bipolar toggle switch is rated for 15A at 250V. The thread and nut are a M12x0,75mm. This switch has been made in Italy. This...

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    The microswitch on this page is a model which is used with various Bezzera espresso machines. The Bezzera part reference for this item is 7633907 This microswitch has a small roller, instead of just a push button. The maximum amp rating for switch is 16A a t 250V. This switch has been made in Italy. You can find this switch on the Bezzera BZ07, Bezzera...

  • 127,79 € Add to cart Shipment after 4 - 8 working days

    The item on this product page is a OEM/Original Bezzera digital thermostat. The Bezzera part reference number for this item is 7434018 This PID has been made by the Italian company Gicar. This specific thermal PID can be used on a 230V model of Bezzera espresso machine. This item has been made in Italy. You can use this PID on the Bezzera Unica espresso...

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