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Brasilia - Boiler 

Brasilia - Boiler 

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Brasilia espresso machine parts boiler

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    Crushable copper washer 1/4" 18x14x2mm

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    Drain tray safety valve 60x45mm

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    Brasilia carimali boiler gasket 142x128x3mm

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    On this page you will find a boiler safety valve 3/8” male with a present of 1,8 bar. This safety valve is, at own responsibility, adjustable. This can be done by tightening or untightening the Allan key slot in the top of the valve. Inside this safety valve has a stainless steel spring inside, the sealing material is FKM. This is a non certified...

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    This type of anti vacuum valve is one of the most common valves around. This valve is suitable for a variety of espresso machine brands like Casadio, La Carimali, San Marco, San Remo, La Cimbali, Grimac, La Spaziale and so on. This anti vacuum valve has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The body of this anti depression valve has been made out of...

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    A Anti vacuum valve is used to prevent that the pressure switch is kicked in too early when heating up. This anti vacuum valve has a male screw thread of ¼” BSP. A anti vacuum valve exists out of multiple components. The body with the threads, in this case made from stainless steel. The plunger, made from brass. This plunger has also the...

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    On this page you will find a copper gasket, not just a copper gasket but a crushable version. This specific model has an outer diameter of 22mm an internal diameter of 17mm and a height of 3mm. Copper crushable washers can be used in various pump and boiler related applications. You need to tighten the fitting enough to crush the copper, which makes the...

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    The most important part on a espresso machine is the safety valve. This part prevents that a boiler can explode. The safety valve will open up when the pressure inside the boiler becomes too high. This specific safety valve is made out of brass. The thread type used for this safety valve is 3/8”BSP-G. The calibrated pressure of the valve is 2.0...

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    One of the most important items in a espresso machine is the safety valve of the boiler. This valve opens up if the pressure becomes to high in the boiler This safety valve has a male thread of 3/8” BSP-G. The stainless steel spring has been calibrated to open up at 1,8 Bar. The sealing material used inside the valve is FKM. If the valve opens up...

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