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The espresso machine manufacturer Carimali was found just after the 1st world war in Milan. The model type commonly made in those periods where the vertical column espresso machines. Examples from this are a Carimali Type 41 from 1935. A other good example, this is already after the 2nd world war. A lever espresso machine named the Carimali Murano Kristal.

After the 60ies when Carimali introduced a fully automatic machines, like the Carimali Vega. From this point on this was a key part of business for Carimali. Carimali only made commercial espresso machines and still does. Carimali is one of the few Italian companies who makes such a big assortment of Fully automatic espresso machines. Models like: Carimali F22, Carimali Optima Ultra, Carimali Optima Soft and a lot more.

Carimali still produces a lot of traditional espresso machines, like the Carimali DivaPRO, Carimali Kicco, Carimali Bubble and the Carimali Cento

This page overview has been divided into 2 categories. Carimali parts per category type and Carimali parts based on the model. On the Carimali Category page you will find a assortment of sections like: solenoid valves, heating elements, flowmeters, electronics and a lot more.

On the La Carimali model page you will find a selection of carimali models like Carimali E9, Carimali Tema, Carimali Pratica, Carimali Etabeta, Carimali Kicco, Carimali Systema, Carimali Eco and the Carimali Uno.

If you are unable to find the parts for your La Carimali espresso machine please send us a message. And we might be able to help you.

Carimali Model

Carimali Model

Carimali Part category

Carimali Part category

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