ECM Heidelberg 

The German coffee machine manufacturer ECM is one of the most recent espresso machine manufacturers. The full name is Espresso Coffee Machines Manufacture Gmbh, some people do call it ECM Heidelberg.

The ECM brand is mainly famous from their domestic coffee machines. These espresso machines are almost all fitted with a E61 style brewing group. There are 3 boiler versions a single, dual and a heat exchanger boiler.

The single boilers are for instance the ECM Puristika, ECM Casa V and the ECM Classika PID. The double boiler is for the ECM Synchronika espresso machine. The most common version is the Heat Exchanger (HX).

The domestic espresso machines do have a lot of similarities to each other, but also a lot of differences. This does depend on features such as is it a manual E61 brewing group or a solenoid operated one. Is the coffee machine fitted with a water tank or does it have a main water connection. Is the temperature of the boiler controlled with a pressure switch or with a more accurate PID temperature controller?

But ECM does also build some commercial espresso machines with models such as the ECM Elektronika Profi Due, ECM Compact HX-2 PID and the ECM Barista A2 espresso machine.  These espresso machines all have one thing in common, they are solenoid operated and not manual brewing groups as you see with most domestic ECM espresso machines.

Next to the commercial and domestic espresso machines they have also a variety of coffee grinders. These are solely on demand coffee grinders such as the ECM Titan, ECM S-Automatik, ECM S-Manuale and the ECM C-Manuale. These coffee grinders have a viarety of sizes of burrs, from 54mm up to 64mm.

ECM Heidelberg Model

ECM Heidelberg Model

ECM Heidelberg Part category

ECM Heidelberg Part category

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