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Bottomless portafilter

Bottomless portafilter

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The bottomless or naked portafilter is one of the latest innovations in the world of coffee machine accessories, even though it has been around for a couple of years. A bottomless portafilter is just nothing else then a regular portafilter body where the bottom has been cut out of. Below you will find a wide selection of portafilters.

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A bottomless portafilter can be used as a single or double portafilter, but it does give a different result. With a naked portafilter you can only make one espresso at the time, seen there is no portafilter spout to divert the coffee into two directions.

Why would you use a bottomless portafilter?

The most common defence of the naked portafilter is that it helps us evaluate the uniformity of our extraction, leading to better flavourful and consistent espressos. The idea is that spurting and channelling are invisible with a standard portafilter because of the spouts, but are obvious with a bare one. In principle, this will allow the barista to gauge the efficacy of the pour's extraction. They may use that information to fine-tune their distribution,grind, and tamping techniques in order to achieve more uniformity.

What is the most common bottomless portafilter size?

The well know common naked portafilter size is the 58mm bottomless portafilter. This size bottomless portafilter can be used with brands such as Faema, Cimbali, Rancilio, Marzocco. Other common sizes are for instance the 54 bottomless portafilters for Breville/Sage and Solis. But less common sizes are for instance for La San Marco and La Spaziale portafilters, with their 53mm diameter portafilters.

What kind of tamper do I need with my bottomless portafilter?

Which tamper you need with your naked portafilter mainly depends on which brand of espresso machine you have and what the internal diameter is of the portafilter. The most common espresso tamper used for filterbaskets is the tamper with a diameter of 58mm.

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