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Espresso machine cleaning products

Cleaning your espresso machine daily is a must for every coffee lover.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing it commercially of as a home barista

If you are making coffee as a barista in a specialty coffee shop, at your own specialty coffee roasting company, in the bar of your hotel, restaurant or even in a sporting venue. Cleaning your machine on a daily makes sure that you prevent sudden breakdown of components, which can be related to poor cleaning.

Preventative maintenance by just cleaning your espresso machine daily with proper cleaning products is a lot cheaper than loss in revenue and letting a espresso machine tech coming over outside working hours.

But the big question. As a Barista how do I clean my espresso machine?

Brewing group

For cleaning your espresso machine brewing group you can use Puly Caff cleaning tablets, or powder. You need to put powder in a blind filter and backflush your solenoid group.

Do this at fixed intervals.  For cleaning your portafilter gasket and ring you can also use a shower cleaner brush.

This cleaning solution by Puly Caff is also suitable to soak your baskets and portafilters.

Steam wand

Cleaning your steam wand, Turbosteam and cappuccino maker is something you need to do at the end of the day. Close your steam wand, soak it in Puly Milk Plus. And you will be able to whipe off the old milk residues. This also works for almond milk.

You can also use this solution to soak your milk jugs.


As a barista in your own specialty coffee bar you do want that also your drip tray, brewing groups and countertop are covered with coffee stains and milk residue. Then you can use Puly Bar Igienic.

With this solution you will be able to clean everything in your kitchen and bar. It dries on it’s own, doesn’t leave streaks  and doesn’t smell.

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