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The Faema brand is mainly famous from their espresso machines, such as the Faema E61, but not really about their coffee grinders. Even though they did have made quite a few over the years, some in combination with the La Cimbali espresso machine brand(seen they are part of the same corporation)

Most of the coffee grinders made by Faema are doser version, so where you have a storage doser in front of the coffee grinder for the ground coffee. Models which are like that are the Faema MD3000, Faema MC99, Faema MF and the Faema ME A.

But Faema does also makes “on demand” coffee grinders, which means that you only grind the coffee that you use. Models like that are the Faema MD3000 on demand, Faema MF on demand and the latest coffee grinder the Faema Groundbreaker.

Nowadays you have features on the Faema coffee grinders such as autodose function, autotamper with pressure adjustment and Bluetooth connectivity with the espresso machine.

If you can’t find your Faema coffee grinder on this page or the parts your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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