In these categories you will find parts for the most famous espresso machine brand in the world. Faema (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettro Meccaniche e Affini)

They initially started with lever espresso machines, with models like the Faema Marte, Faema Mercurio, Faema President, Faema Urania and offcourse the Faema Lambro.

But the big success came when they introduced the Faema e61 espresso machine. The first rotation pump driven espresso machine for commercial use on the market in the world.  Currently a modernized version of the  Faema E61 is in production. This is the Faema E61 Legend, the Faema E61 legend is still a pump and lever operated group. But Faema also launched a solenoid operated brewing group. The Faema E61 Jubile has been fitted with a dosing device so that the brewing process is controlled by the dosing unit in the machine.

Faema Model

Faema Model

Faema Part category

Faema Part category

The e61 brewing group, or a derivative of it, did became the global standard and it is the most widely used coffee machine brewing group.  And is used in a variety of brands from La Scala, Vibiemme, San Remo, ECM, ECM Heidelberg, Rocket, Kees van der Westen and Grimac.

After the introduction Faema e61 faema made a variety of iconic espresso machines. Models like the: Faema Star, Faema No stop, Faema Tronic, Faema Special, Faema E91,

With the big public Faema mostly got famous because it was the main sponsor of the eponymous Faema cycling team. Mainly due to the success of Eddy Merckx

In 1995 Faema was purchased by it’s biggest competitor. La Cimbali. And became part of the Cimbali group.

Currently Faema maily build commercial espresso coffee machines and grinders. Models like the Faema E61 Legend, Faema E61 jubile, Faema E71, Faema President, Faema Prestige and the Faema E98 UP. For the domestic market they have released a new model espresso machine. The Faema Faemina (no not the antique lever espresso machine)

On our model category page you can find a selection of Faema Models which are in production, but most off them are out of production like: Faema E92 Elite, Faeam E98 president, Faema Emblema, Faema Enova, Faema Stylema, Faema Teorema, Faema E61, Faema E61 Jubile and the Faema E61 legend

On the other category you can select a part type used on Faema espresso machines. You can select types like: flowmeters, pumps, motors, brewing group parts, solenoid valves heating elements and so on.

If you are unable to find the parts your looking for please send us a message.

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