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La Cimbali M32 - Water level 

La Cimbali M32 - Water level 

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La Cimbali M32 Water level espresso machine parts

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    OR 25x2.4mm EPDM

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    La Cimbali sight glass 12x135mm

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    This red ball is a level indicator ball. This ball floats inside the water level tube. Seen it’s not always easy to see the water level makes a floating red ball it a lot easier. There are more colours available with different diameter of balls. This red ball has a diameter of 5,8mm and is made in Italy. This type of level indicator can be found...

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    On this page you will find a clamp on rotation pump. This specific model Compact Plus (MO0154EAADN) has been made by the Italian company Fluid o tech in Italy. This type of coupling is only used with a couple of coffee machine brands, which are all part of the La Cimbali Group. So, you will find them with the espresso machines Casadio, La Cimbali and...

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    This Nuert pump is one of the few espresso machine pumps made in stainless steel. The majority of all the pumps are still made from low lead brass. This specific pump is designated as a “Compact Plus “pump and has the part number PRM15FZXN_EGND. This pump is specially made for the espresso machines models made by the La Cimbali group. There...

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    To connect a flange pump and flange motor to each other you need to have 2 coupling plates and a rubber middle coupler which connects the coupling plates to eachother. This rubber motor pump coupling is universal and can be used with the metal coupling plates with a rounded off shaft and with the slitted pump coupling connection. These type of couplings...

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    On this page you will find a stainless-steel water filter. Suitable for pumping the water of the pumps used on espresso machines manufactured by the Cimbali Group. This filter is used with the Casadio part number 490055000, Cimbali part number 490-055-000 and the Faema part number 490055000. This stainless-steel wire mesh filter has a outer diameter of...

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    On this page you will find a water level gasket. This design of water level gasket is used with a variety of espresso machine manufacturers. Brands like La Cimbali, La Spaziale, La Pavoni, Saeco and Gaggia use this design. The external diameters for this sight glass gasket are 17,2mm and 13mm. The internal diameter is 11mm. The heights for this gasket is...

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