San Marco 

The La San Marco brand is famous about being one of the oldest espresso machine brands still operating. But it is less well known about the coffee grinder models they have.  The coffee grinders the La San Marco brand sells can be divided into 2 categories. The on demand grinders and the doser coffee grinders. all their designs have similar features to each other, they are available in bright colours or with polished bodies, but different.

There are 3 base models, the San Marco SM92, San Marco SM 97 and the San Marco SM TK/LK. Off these models is a doser and a on demand coffee grinder available.  The SM 92 has been fitted with 64mm flat grinding blades. The SM 97 coffee grinder has been fitted with flat 84mm grinding blades. The San Marco models SM TK and the SM LK grinders have been fitted with a unique type of conical grinding blades.

The grinders of La San Marco are also available in a variety of voltages. The most usable type is a 110 or 220/240V model, which runs on single phase. But you also have a 3 phase version which runs on 400V. This is the only motor which doesn’t require a start capacitor. Do check which voltage you have seen not all of the models are the same.

If you can’t find the correct parts for your la San Marco coffee grinder, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you out.

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