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Rocket - Spare parts 

The Rocket espresso machine brand is one of the newest brands in the world of espresso machines.  This brand originates from the city of Milano in Italy and is well known for their domestic espresso machines. But they do also manufacture various espresso machines for the commercial market.

The domestic espresso machines can solely be found in a single brewing group configuration.  The espresso machines are mostly available in a reservoir and a main water line fed version. They can also be fitted with feature such as pressure profiling, PID pressure control and shot timers. Most models of the Rocket Milano brand are fitted with a E61 style of brewing group, you need to think of models such as the Rocket R60V, Rocket Giotto Cronometro, Rocket Mozzafiato, Rocket Giotto and the Rocket Appartamento.  The Rocket R Nine One uses a completely different type of brewing group, which has been developed by Rocket itself. This is also the case for the latest model the Rocket Epica.

The Rocket brand is not really well known about their commercial coffee machines, but they do build them. These commercial espresso machines can be divided into single and dual boiler espresso machines. Examples of the single boiler, heat exchanger, models are the Rocket Boxer and the Rocket RE A Timer. Rocket espresso machine models which have a multi boiler are the Rocket RE Doppia, Rocket R9 and the  Rocket Sotta Banco. This last model is not a traditional espresso machine, but a under counter espresso machine, where only the brewing groups and steam/water valves are visible and not the boilers. These are installed underneath the countertop.

Rocket Models

Rocket Models

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