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Bezzera - Flowmeter 

Bezzera - Flowmeter 

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Every modern volumetric espresso machine uses flowmeters, this is also the case with various commercial Bezzera models. What does a Flowmeter do? A flowmeter measures how much water flows true the flowmeter in a certain amount of time. The central dosing device then knows when to stop the brewing process.

The flowmeters used on Bezzera machines are made by the Italian brand Gicar. This model of flowmeter has a ¼” female in and outlet and a orifice on the inside of 1,15mm.

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    Flowmeter connector, suitable for gicar flowmeters. Suitable for:CodeProducer18112 Astoria CMA7631501 Bezzera7631505 Bezzera09013.0.00.08 Brasilia09013.2.00.08 Brasilia0901300008 Brasilia8.6.17.14 Gicar9006124 Reneka

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    It is possible that the flowmeter in your espresso machine starts to leak. On this page you will find a replacement part for most flowmeters. This is the sealing o ring which goes between the flowmeter body and the measuring device. This o ring is suitable for Digmesa and Gicar flowmeters. The cord diameter of this o ring is 1,78mm and the inner diameter...

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    The flowmeter on this page is one of the most commonly used flowmeters in espresso machines. This flowmeter has been manufactured by the Italian company Gicar, so also made in Italy. In the extra field tab next to this text you will see a entire list of compatibilities with other models and brands. This specific flowmeter does not come with a fixed wire,...

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