Fiorenzato coffee grinder parts

The Italian manufacturer of coffee grinders Fiorenzato MC produces a wide selection of coffee grinders, from coffee grinders which can be used as a home barista. But they make mainly coffee grinders which work perfectly in any busy bar, restaurant or hotel.

Below you will find a overview of coffee grinders Fiorenzato has made, in these categories you will find the parts which are suitable to use in combination with those models.

The coffee grinders made by Fiorenzato can be divided into 2 categories. Those are the “on demand” coffee grinders and the traditional doser coffee grinders. The “on demand” coffee grinders only grind the coffee beans when you want it, so that you will have the freshest coffee. The “doser” coffee grinders have a storage container on the front where a certain amount of ground coffee is stored, which is ready to use. This can be ideal in a really busy bar or restaurant. Seen it will grind automatically after a certain point.


Over the time Fiorenzato has made various iconic coffee grinders such as the Fiorenzato F64 series, with their EVO model and the latest addition the Fiorenzato Allground, which is quite revolutionary for a grinder.

Fiorenzato F64

The Fiorenzato F64 series coffee grinder is a workhorse, which can be used in any busy bar to get the most consistent coffee grounds. The Base model of the F64 is the Fiorenzato F64 E, this is a “on demand” coffee grinder with flat grinding burrs. A slightly improved version of the F64 is the Fiorenzato F64 Evo coffee grinder. This coffee grinder is similar to the E model, but has a cooling fan to cool the grinding burrs.

Fiorenzato Allground

The Fiorenzato allground is the latest addition of the Fiorenzato brand. This specific coffee grinder is intended for the domestic market. You can see on the name that it is indicated as allground, which does sounds like it can do. Seen it can grind various settings, such as espresso, Mokka and for filter coffee.  This is quite revolutionary, you rarely see such a innovation.

Fiorenzato grinding burrs

The grinding burrs used on Fiorenzato coffee grinders vary a bit. In most cases the less powerfull and cheaper coffee grinders use flat coffee grinding burrs and the more expensive one use conical coffee grinding burrs. This partially has to do that the conical models are more expensive.

Flat coffee grinding burrs

The flat grinding burrs are made up out of a upper and lower grinding burr. In this case the bottom one rotates and the top one is stationary and is used to adjust the distance between the upper and lower grinding burr. The smallest ones have a diameter of 58mm, those can be found on for instance the Fiorenzato F4. The bigger ones are 64mm, which can be found on the Fiorenzato F5 and F64 series coffee grinders. The biggest ones are 83mm, which can be found on the Fiorenzato F83 coffee grinders.

Conical coffee grinding burrs

The conical grinding burrs can also be found with Fiorenzato coffee grinders, they are a bit less common but they are used. In the case of conical grinding burrs it is quite similar, but not the same.  The small inner grinding burr is attached to the motor and spins. The upper one is stationary and is used to adjust the distance between the grinding burrs. In comparison to the flat ones, where you have a upper and lower one. Is it is with conical ones a inner and a outer grinding burr.

These conical versions can be found on various Fiorenzato models such as the Fiorenzato F63 and the Fiorenzato F71 grinders.


Cleaning your Fiorenzato grinder

It is not one of the first things you think about, but it is quite necessary to keep your Fiorenzato coffee grinder in good condition. You have 2 types of cleaning, internally and externally.

External cleaning is quite simple, take for instance Puly bar cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth to clean the outside of the grinder. The next thing is the out and inside of the coffee hopper. If you do this regularly the chance that your transparent coffee hopper becomes brown reduces. Which does look a lot nicer.

After cleaning the externals you can start to clean the internals. For regular maintenance of your Fiorenzato grinder you can use Puly grind, this will remove old ground coffee from the grinding burrs and the grind chamber.

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