Fiorenzato coffee grinder parts

One of the Italian companies which only makes coffee grinders is the Fiorenzato brand. They originate from 1936, which makes it one of the oldest manufacturers of coffee grinders.  This was initially with the traditional coffee grinders, which had a doser, and the retail grinders in your local store.

These types of grinders are still made by the Fiorenzato brand, but nowadays they are more famous for the economical priced grind “on demand” models. You need to think of models such as the Fiorenzato F64 Evo, Fiorenzato F4 Evo and the Fiorenzato F83 E coffee grinder.

Other famous doser versions made by Fiorenzato are the Fiorenzato F4 A, Fiorenzato F5, F6 and the Fiorenzato F63 AK.

The latest coffee grinders of the Fiorenzato brand are the XGi coffee grinders. this type of grinder doesn’t uses a timer solely, but doses based on the amount of grams you want ground.

Between all the coffee grinders made by Fiorenzato there are some interchangeable parts installed on them. But a lot of them are different. Seen Fiorenzato uses a variety of diameters of grinding burrs, but also various types such as flat and conical models.

If you are not sure which model of Fiorenzato coffee grinder you have, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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