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The Italian espresso machine manufacturer Brasilia is one of the older manufacturers of espresso machines. The original company was founded in 1977 from that date Brasilia managed to gain a lot of market share and became one of the bigger manufacturers of espresso machines. But at this growth comes a end, when the espresso machine manufacturer got bankrupt around 2013. From that date there was no support for the Brasilia espresso machines. In the year 2015 the brand was bought by Bianchi. The Bianchi industry company is mainly famous for their vending machines.

The “original” espresso machine manufacturer Brasilia made a variety of coffee related equipment. They are mainly well know for their commercial manual espresso machines such as the models Brasilia 105, Brasilia Belle Epoque, Brasilia Century, Brasilia Excelsior, Brasilia Classica, Brasilia Firenze and the Brasilia Gradisca. But they did also made domestic models such as the Brasilia Action, Brasilia Club and the Brasilia Lady.

A other type of espresso machine they made are the full automatic versions, where everything is done with the push of a button. Brasilia made models such as the Brasilia Coffeepoint, Brasilia Fast Drink and the Brasilia Grancafe.

Nowadays the Brasilia brand doesn’t manufacture these models anymore, they have commercial espresso machine models such as the Brasilia BL-100, Brasilia BL-300 and the Brasilia BL-500. These are all semi automatic espresso machines. But they also have full automatic versions such as the Aurea and the Festa.

Brasilia Model

Brasilia Model

Brasilia Part category

Brasilia Part category

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