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The Rocket espresso machine brand is one of the newest brands in the world of espresso machines.  This brand originates from the city of Milano in Italy and is well known for their domestic espresso machines. But they do also manufacture various espresso machines for the commercial market.

Rocket Models

Rocket Models

Our Assortment

We sell a variety of spare parts for Rocket espresso machines, this can be after market parts but also original. You do see that there are a lot of universal parts used on the domestic and commercial espresso machines made by Rocket Milano.

Availability and warranty

Most parts we sell of Rocket are in stock or available within 1-2 working days. If we don’t have the products in stock or listed on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you out finding the correct part.

The different Rocket espresso machine models

The brand Rocket Milano does have a variety of commercial and domestic espresso machines. The brand Rocket is mainly famous from their domestic E61 style of espresso machines, but less for their commercial espresso machines. Even though these are also well build and very well performing coffee machines.

Rocket Giotto

The Rocket Giotto espresso machines where we sell spare parts for. This espresso machine has been build in various configurations such as with a Ulka Vibration pump and tank, or with a fluid o tech pump and RPM motor. But still with the basis, a e61 style brewing group. This espresso machine is ideal for any home barista.

Rocket Mozzafiato Evoluzione

The Rocket Mozzafiato Evoluzione is just as the model above one of the domestic espresso machines made by Rocket Milano. This espresso machine is a manual type of espresso machine, seen you need to move a lever up and down to turn it on and off, with on each side a pressure gauge.

Rocket R58

The model Rocket R58 coffee machine is one of the more high end, it is a dual boiler espresso machine with a E61 style of brewing group. The brewing boiler has been fitted with a thermal pid, which gives really good temperature stability. For the Rocket R58 espresso machine we have a variety of spare parts, if you can’t find the parts your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rocket Appartamento

The Rocket Appartamento is also one of the espresso machines from the domestic espresso machine series from Rocket Milano. This model is a HX espresso machine which can be fitted with or a Ulka Vibration pump or with e Fluid o tech pump. There is a price difference between these models, seen vibration pumps are cheaper. But basically all espresso machines are ideal for home barista’s even if you are a bit more expierenced.

Important parts on Rocket-espressomachines

You would think all parts on a Rocket espresso machine are important, and yes that is also the case. But there are spare parts which make a difference if you compare it to other E61 style of espresso machines. Below is a overview of these various


There are various boiler configurations on Rocket espresso machines. The most common type of boiler is the Heat Exchanger (HX) version. the HX boiler system is one of the most common types around next to the dual boiler system. The HX boiler has a thermophonic system, where the brewing water flows diagonally true the boiler into the brewing group.

With a dual boiler system, such as with the rocket R58 espresso machine. This espresso machine is fitted with a steam boiler and a brewing group boiler. Which is controlled with a thermal PID system

Brewing group

The brewing groups used on the Rocket espresso machines are the most common type, the E61 style of brewing group. This type of brewing group is a manual operated brewing group, which has a variety of spring and valve components inside to operate like a harmonized system. A lot of the spare parts used on the Rocket e61 models are generic, but there are some valve parts in this brewing group which are not the same.

Steam valve

The steam valves used on Rocket espresso machine are quite simple types of valves. They are valves which can be opened and closed by turning the valve knob. The Rocket espresso machines use 2 types of valve. The E61 style of steam valve, which is on a slight angle and the small straight model, both a opened and closed by turning the valve knob.


On most domestic espresso machines, as well on Rocket espresso machines, a Ulka vibration pump is used, which is ideal when you don’t have too much space. But the disadvantage is that they just lack performance if you want to push it a bit further, you will require a motor/pump assembly. For Rocket espresso machines these different types of configuration are indicated in the V and R models. The V is the vibration pump, where the R is the Rotation pump made by Fluid o Tech


The espresso machines of rocket are fitted with a variety of electronic spare parts. This does depend on which model, seen when you have a Rocket Giotto, which is a pressure controlled espresso machine. So that requires a lot less electronics then the dual boiler Rocket R58. Which is fitted with a thermal PID system and for that reason also a solid state relay to power the heating element.

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