Faema espresso machine parts

The Faema brand, Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettro Meccaniche e Affini, might be one of the most iconic coffee machine manufacturers around. They are the founding company of the E61 brewing group. Which is for semi automatic espresso machine still the most used brewing groups. But besides the Faema E61 they have created the successor of the most iconic espresso machine around.

Faema Model

Faema Model

Faema Part category

Faema Part category

Faema Company

The company Faema has a long history, with a lot of iconic espresso machines. But it didn’t go always that well with this company. This is also the reason that the company VBM(Vibiemme) originated from. At the moment the Faema company is part of Gruppo Cimbali spa. So you currently see with newer espresso machines a lot more parts which are interchangeable with other brands of the Gruppo Cimbali.


Spare parts for Faema espresso machines

The advantage of the spare parts of Faema espresso machines is that they are universal in most cases. If you have a vintage E61 espresso machine or a modern Faema E61 Legend, a lot of these parts are interchangeable between those models. Which is a perfect sign of durability and sustainability. For spare parts for the antique lever espresso machines such as the Faema Faemina, we advice to go to our brooks-espressomachines website. This is dedicated to lever coffee machines.

Faema portafilters

The portafilter size used on the Faema E61 brewing group has become the standard size of portafilters. Which does make sense, especially when it is the most used brewing group. You do see that there are differences in the thickness of the ears of the portafilters.

Faema E61 brewing group

The brewing group used on the antique Faema E61 and the modern Faema E61 legend use a lot of springs, valve components and gaskets which are basically standardized. So a lot of these components are interchangeable with other brands, which also use a E61 style of brewing group.



The Italian brand Faema has made over time a huge amount of espresso machine models. From the early lever operated brewing groups such as the Faema Marte and the Faema Velox. To the modern modern espresso machines like the Faema Teorema and the Faema Emblema.

Faema E61

This might be the most iconic and revolutionary espresso machine every made, The Faema E61. This was the first pump driven coffee machine, according to the current standard of espresso machines. So many features used on the Faema E61 are currently still used. Things such as the brewing group, portafilter and the steam valves. These can be found on a variety of modern espresso machine bands.


Faema E61 Legend

This is a re-introduction of the antique Faema E61 espresso machine, the Faema E61 Legend. a lot of the design features remained the same from the original. But there have been made some technical improvements, such as autofill and some safety features. You do also have a even more modern version of the E61, which is the Faema E61 Jubilee, this espresso machine has volumetric

Faema E71

The Faema E71 espresso machine comes in the series of the E61 model, it does also bear some similarities between them. Technically it does look closer to a Cimbali M100 espresso machine. Seen it is fitted with a multi boiler system, so every brewing group has a temperature controlled brewing group.


Keeping your Faema espresso machine clean

One of the most important things you need to do is keeping your Faema coffee machine clean, seen coffee is a food product hygiene is really important. Besides that a filthy machine just also looks bad to your customers. There are 2 things important, internal and external cleaning

Internal cleaning of the brewing group

You can backflush all solenoid and manual brewing groups (except for lever brewing groups). You need to use Puly caff and a blindfilter for this. You do need to do this on a daily basis. Don’t overfill the powder, this can stick to the internals of the solenoid valve.

External cleaning of your Faema espresso machine

This is probably the most easy way of cleaning, just clean all the surface panels of your Faema espresso machine. You can do this with Puly Bar Igienic and a Brooks Microfibre cloth. Cleaning the drain tray can be done under the water tap.

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