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Asco (sirai) solenoid valve 

Asco (sirai) solenoid valve 

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Espresso machine parts Asco (sirai) solenoid valve

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    The product on this page is a solenoid valve connector, large F fitting. With this connector you can seal off and connect your wiring and solenoid valve to each other. These connectors can be used on all types of standard solenoid valve coils. Where the positive and negative are spaced apart approx. 17mm. This solenoid valve connector can be basically...

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    The product on this page is a Allen head screw for attaching a solenoid valve to a other surface. This type is a M4x10mm. It is a stainless-steel bolt according to UNI 5931 - DIN 912 - ISO 4762 You will only need this type of Allen head screw to attach the flanged solenoid valves to a flat surface. This type of Allen screw is used in a lot of espresso...

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    This o ring is one of the most common parts in the world of espresso machines. The main function of this o ring is to seal off a flanged solenoid valve. Every flanged solenoid valve uses 2 of these. But you will also find them in applications like steam and water valves and water inlet taps. The o ring has a wire diameter of 1,78mm and a internal...

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    Sirai 3 way solenoid valve 1/8" 1/8"230V 50/60Hz. Differential pressure 0-10bar (GAS), 0-8bar (Liquid), Maximun pressure 30bar. Temperature 0-130°C.

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    Sirai solenoid 2 way valve with base mounting 230V 50Hz

  • 45,60 €

    Sirai solenoid 2 way valve 1/8" 1/8" 230V 50/60Hz

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