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Boiler fittings and tubes 

Boiler fittings and tubes 

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Commercial espresso machine boiler fittings and tubes

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    The item on this product page is a water drawing tube and is a OEM/Original Rocket spare part. The Rocket part reference for this item is C229900393. This water drawing tube has a length of 91mm and the tube diameter is 6mm. The fitting itself has 2 types of thread. A male 1/8”BSP-G and a ¼” BSP-G This water drawing tube can be used...

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    The item on this product page is a OEM/original Rocket spare part. This item is a boiler fitting. The Rocket part reference of this item is A229904957. This boiler fitting is used on various Rocket espresso machine boilers. The fitting which goes inside the boiler is a 3/8” BSP-G thread as well as where you can connect the brewing group tube. This...

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    Crushable copper washer 22,8x17x3mm 3/8"

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    Almost every espresso machine uses a level probe in some sort of a way. On this page you will find a OEM level probe from the coffee machine brand La Spaziale. The original part number for this item is 06357. This water level probe consists off multiple components. The probe itself has a length of 105mm and is made from stainless steel. The isolator and...

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    On this page you will find a plastic straight fitting. This fitting is used as a boiler fitting with the La Cimbali group with Cimbali, Casadio and Faema espresso machines. Part number for the Faema part 532601000, the Cimbali one 532-601-000 and the one from Casadio 532601000. The white plastic end fitting has a variable diameter from 12mm up to...

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    This brass casted boiler fitting is used on the bottom side of the heat exchanger (HX) of the espresso machine boiler. It attaches to the HX with a ½”male flat sided connection. The other ½”pipe connection is for the return pipe from the brewing group. The ¼”female thread on the bottom is for the injector tube. In...

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    The top HX boiler fitting, a generic item you will find with a lot of espresso machine brands. This ranges from Vibiemme, Grimac, Pavoni, La Scala to Expobar, Brasilia and BFC. This specific item is a casted brass fitting. The side which is screwed into the HX is a ½”BSP-g and the side where the tube to the brewing group goes to is also a...

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    The item on this page is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket. This gasket has various applications in espresso machines. These applications are sealing components in the boiler and brewing group. The gasket itself has a outer diameter of 50mm. the inner diameter of the gasket is 40mm and the thickness is 2mm. The PTFE gasket is used in the brewing...

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    Brasilia drain tray pipe fitting

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