Aurora Brugnetti

Our range of Aurora Brugnetti spare parts

Italian manufacturer Aurora Brugnetti is not one of the best known espresso machine manufacturers, but it is one of the longest standing. With a variety of iconic models they have built over the years. These were mainly espresso machines that used a spring to build up pressure, but later they also started making pump-driven coffee machines.

A wide range of spare parts are still available for Aurora Brugnetti espresso machines. These can be OEM/original parts but can also be after-market parts

Advantages of original parts

The manufacturer Aurora Brugnetti will always recommend OEM/original parts because they are of the best quality and fit best. Partly this is true, it is a revenue model, but using after-market parts can also be fine in many cases. Since most coffee machine manufacturers offer universal spare parts. These include solenoid valves, pressure switches and various electronic components.


Fit and compatibility

In the case of OEM/original Aurora Brugnetti spare parts, it will indeed be the case that they will fit better than if you use after-market parts. But that does not mean they are necessarily worse in terms of quality.

Extended lifespan

By performing periodic maintenance on your Aurora Brugnetti espresso machine, you ensure that the machine will last many times longer than when you do not. It is therefore also important that you use the correct parts for this, including the installation accessories.

In addition, it is also very important to provide your Aurora Brugnetti with a properly functioning water filter, which of course also needs to be replaced periodically. Depending on how much volume of coffee is made.


History of Aurora Brugnetti

The company Aurora Brugnetti started just after World War II, 1947 to be precise.  The machines Aurora Brugnetti built back then were lever-operated coffee machines, not like an E61, but with a large spring in the brewing group. This spring took care of the pressure in the brewing group. Aurora Brugnetti machines could be found all over the world.

In the 1960s came the machines where the pressure was no longer built up by a spring, but by a motor and a pump. Which resulted in a much more consistent result for most people. But Aurora Brugnetti is still known for its lever-action brewing groups.

In recent years, new Aurora Brugnetti models have come out, looking a lot more modern. Think of the Aurora Q.100 and the Aurora Q.300. But they also still have the more classic Aurora Brugnetti Giulia, which has an E61 style brewing group.


Ordering Aurora Brugnetti parts at Brooks

At Brooks, you can order a variety of parts for Aurora Brugnetti espresso machines, then it can be OEM/Original parts but also after-market items.

On our blog page, you will find several articles related to the parts used on Aurora Brugnetti coffee machines.

But if you find the part you are looking for your Aurora Brugnetti coffee machine, feel free to contact us. Maybe we can help you find the correct part.

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