Bezzera Galatea parts

Bezzera Galatea espresso machine parts

The espresso machine on this product page is a commercial espresso machine, called the Bezzera Galatea. Don’t mistake this with the Bezzera Galatea Domus, this is a domestic espresso machine made by Bezzera. The Bezzera Galatea has 2 espresso machine versions

  • Bezzera Galatea MN
  • Bezzera Galatea DE

The Bezzera Galatea MN is a manual brewing group, which is a E61 Style of brewing group. The Galatea DE is a automatic brewing group, which makes it able to volumetric dose the coffee.

This espresso machine has been build as a 2 group espresso machine. But in in a 110/120V version and a 220/240V version. The 110/120V uses a 2600W heating element to power the boiler. For the 220/240V version is a 2750/3300W heating element installed.

This espresso machine can only be connected to the main water line and does not have a water tank to get it’s water from.

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