Stainless steel portafilter filterbaskets

One of the oldest and most common parts on a espresso machine is the coffee filterbasket. To say it simple this is a round basket made from stainless steel. This basket can have a variety of shapes, from a deep version for a 2 coffee filter basket to a shallow model which is used for 1 coffee.

In the bottom of this bottom you normally find a circular hole pattern with over a hundred tiny holes. In the case of a blind filter there are no holes at all, this type of filter basket is used for cleaning a brewing group. There is a lot to know about the sizes, types and models of coffee filterbaskets. More information about this can be found below

The filterbaskets used on espresso machines can be divided into 3 categories. A single filterbasket, a double filterbasket and a blind filter. These filterbaskets all have their own features, but they do have one thing in common. That is the ridge on the side of the filterbasket. This ridge is pressed into the filterbasket for the portafilter spring. Because of this metal spring the filterbasket won’t fall out of the portafilter when you hit the knock bar of you coffee residue knockbox.

Almost all the filterbaskets used on espresso machines are made by the Italian company IMS Filtri. This is the case for the “standard” baskets as well as the competition/specialty coffee models. You do have a other company which also makes them, which is VST. But those are solely competition filter baskets.

The single filterbasket

The single coffee filterbasket is normally used for making 1 coffee, some people do use a double filterbasket for this as well. The single filterbasket can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common size of single filterbasket is the 70mm version. This filterbasket uses a 58 or 58,5mm tamper size. They are available in height sizes ranging from approx. 17mm all the way up to 24,5mm. these baskets can normally hold between 6-8 grams of ground coffee

The double coffee filterbasket

The double filter basket is normally used in combination with a double portafilter, so for 2 coffee. But in some cases this is also used for single coffee. The most common size of double filterbasket is also 70mm, seen they use the same portafilter, but there are also a lot of other sizes.

The “standard” double filterbasket can hold between 12 and 21 grams of ground coffee and has a height ranging from 21 all the way up to 25mm

Sizes of espresso filterbasket

There are various sizes of filter basket, in the case of commercial espresso machines, the smallest size used on commercial espresso machine sis the 65mm. This size is standard for La Spaziale portafilters and for some models of Astoria CMA. A other brand which uses a different size is La San Marco, they use a filter size of 66mm. Seen these diameters are smaller the filter baskets can contain less coffee then the bigger diameters.

 Cleaning filter baskets

You do need to clean your portafilter and coffee filter basket on a daily basis. Removing the filter basket from the portafilter can sometimes be a challenge. But with the filterbasket removal tool of IMS this becomes a lot easier. Just place the filter removal tool underneath the edge of the basket, where the portafilter ears are located, and push upwards. Now the coffee filterbasket will come out easily. Now you can clean the portafilter and baskets easily. It does sometimes work to soak the portafilter and baskets in Puly Caff, but don’t submerge the handle!  

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