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If you look at the commercial espresso machines, you see that there are mainly Italian brands on the market. That does also makes sense seen the origin of espresso is also in Italy. Originally you would find troughout Europe various manufacturers of espresso machine such as in Spain and in France, but not in the amount of you would find them in Italy. The last few years you would see other espresso machine manufactures popup in the USA, The Netherlands and Germany.

On this page you can click on a espresso machine brand, you will get a selection option. You can select the models of the specific espresso machine brand. Or you search for the spare part type, such as heating elements, portafilter gaskets, dosing devices, sight glasses and solenoid valves.

Are you unable to find the correct spare part for your espresso machine. Don’t hesitate to contact us. It is handy that you give us the brand and model name. If you would know the part number would even be handier. But if you are not able to supply us the part number we can send you a parts diagram.
In the case with OEM/Original spare parts, the lead times for these items can be longer then you would expect, This does depend on the brand.

In these countries around the globe you would find espresso machine manufactures, it is possible that there are more. But these are the most well known ones.

Brands from Italy you need to think of Faema, La Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Grimac, Rancilio, Astoria, Wega, Gaggia and Elektra. But there are a lot more brands still producing machines and spare parts for coffee machines in Italy.

In the case of Spain this the company Quality Espresso, this company holds brands such as Futuremat, Visacrem and Gaggia. A other famous company is Ascaso, they are well known for their domestic espresso machines, but also build commercial models.

From France you currently one have one company Conti Sacome, this is a older brand which was founded in the 1950’s. They mainly make commercial espresso machines.

One of the most well know brands for domestic espresso machine is Espresso Coffee Machines Manufacture GmbH, ECM. They do also manufacturer commercial espresso machines, but you don’t see them that often.

The Netherlands
There is in The Netherlands only one manufacturer of espresso machines, this is Kees van der Westen. They produce commercial espresso machines in the higher segment and can be found all over the globe.

The United States of America aren’t that well known for their espresso machines, but you do have 3 manufacturers Slayer, Synesso and Modbar. These brands are also in the higher segment, the Slayer and Synesso espresso machines are traditional espresso machines. The Modbar is a under counter espresso machine, with only the brewing units above the counter.


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