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Brasilia Classica

Brasilia Classica espresso machine parts

Steam water valve fitting 3/8m 1/8m

The item on this product page is a fitting used on various steam and water valves. You can use this fitting on Brasilia and Marzocco espresso machines. The Brasilia part references are 07202.0.00.04 and 07202.0.10.04, for Marzocco it is L053/2.  This fitting is made from brass and has been nickel plated (in some cases they are just brass). On...

Brasilia tap rod spring 7x33mm

The item on this product page is a compression spring used in various water inlet systems of Brasilia espresso machines. The Brasilia part references for this item are 02218.0.00.03, 0221800003 and 17694.0.00.03. This compression spring has a outer diameter of 7mm and a length of 33mm. You can use this spring on the Brasilia Cadetta, Brasilia...

O ring 15.60x1.78mm EPDM

The o ring on this product page can be used on various Brasilia water inlet valves. The Brasilia part references for this o ring are 01390.0.00.02, 0139000002 and 02107.0.00.04. This o ring is made from EPDM. The cord diameter is 1,78mm. The internal diameter is 15,60mm. This o ring is made in Italy. This o ring can be used  on the Brasilia...

Boiler safety valve 3/8" 1.8 bar CE-PED

The boiler safety valve shown on this page can be used on wide selection of espresso brands such as Brasilia, Wega, Astoria, Grimac, Cimbali, Faema, Marzocco and Carimali. The part references can be found on the extra info tab. This boiler safety valve has a male 3/8” BSP-G thread. The safety valve has been set at 1,8 bar, this is not adjustable. When the...

Faema E61 group upper plug

On the top of a Faema E61 brewing group or a E61 brewing group is always the final item. That’s a chrome plated 3/8” male plug. Nothing else nor something special. This is generic part which can also be used in a variety of situations then a E61 brewing group, but also on different locations on a espresso machine. Like on the boiler with a...

Heating element 3000W 230V

On this product page you will find a universal type of heating element, can be used on a variety of espresso machine models. Such as Brasilia and ECM espresso machines. The Brasilia part reference is 00615.2.00.08 and the ECM reference is C199900513. The heating element is one which produces 3000W at 230V and has 4 connecting poles. The overall length of...

RPM pump motor 165W 230V 50/60Hz

This espresso machine motor is made by the Italian company RPM (model number 11002728). The motor itself has 165W with 230V 50/60hz. To power the motor up it has a capacitor of 10 µf. This is one of the more standardized espresso machine motors and is being used by a variety of coffee machine manufacturers. This ranges from brands like Astoria,...

o ring gasket 7,2X1,9mm nbr

On this page you will find the o ring with the cord diameter of 1,9mm and a internal diameter of 7,2mm. This specific o ring is used with a variety of applications in expresso machines. For instance, with Expobar in the water inlet valve. For Faema in the cappuccinatore. With Vibiemme, La Scala, Fiamma, Grimac, Brasilia, ECM Heidelberg and La Carimali in...

Filterbasket 2 coffee 12gr 70x21mm

The 2 coffee filterbasket on this page can be used a big variety of espresso machine brands. You can use this basket on brands such as Casadio, Brugnetti, ECM Heidelberg, San Remo, Faema, Vibiemme, La Scala, Grimnac. This filterbasket has been made by the Italian company IMS Filtri. The IMS part reference is CF2T068. Note: this is not a competition...

Solenoid valve silicone o ring 6,07x1,78mm

This o ring is one of the most common parts in the world of espresso machines. The main function of this o ring is to seal off a flanged solenoid valve. Every flanged solenoid valve uses 2 of these. But you will also find them in applications like steam and water valves and water inlet taps. The o ring has a wire diameter of 1,78mm and a internal...

Fluid O tech rotary vane pump 100 L/H 3/8" npt

The item on this product page is a Fluid o Tech rotary vane pump. This specific model of pump can be found on various Bezzera Espresso machines. The Bezzera part reference for this item is 7730506. This pump is a clamp on model and has a flowrate of 100 L/H. This pump is equipped with a filter and a balanced bypass. This pump has been manufactured in...

O ring 14x1.78mm epdm

The o ring on this product page can be used on various espresso machine brands as well with various applications. You can find this o ring with the brands San Marco, La Scala, Astoria, Wega and Brasilia. For the part references check the extra info tab. This o ring has been made from EPDM. The cord diameter is 1,78mm and the inner diameter is 14mm. This...