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ECM - Water inlet parts 

ECM - Water inlet parts 

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ECM espresso machine parts manometer

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    ODE solenoid valve 2 way 220V 50/60Hz 10bar dn 3mm

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    This o ring is one of the most common parts in the world of espresso machines. The main function of this o ring is to seal off a flanged solenoid valve. Every flanged solenoid valve uses 2 of these. But you will also find them in applications like steam and water valves and water inlet taps. The o ring has a wire diameter of 1,78mm and a internal...

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    On this page you will find a 2 way solenoid valve made by the company Parker.  This specific Parker 2 way solenoid valve is used with various brands as a water inlet valve for filling the boiler.  The Parker parts number for this item is 393233J This 2 way solenoid valve is one of the types which has a flange model, this model is sealed with...

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    The item on this page is a gasket holder for various espresso machine brands, such as Vibiemme and Faema. The part reference for this item is for Faema 4151018538 and for Vibiemme RACCPOGVAESE, This brass gasket holder has a outer diameter of 17mm/8,6mm and a internal diameter of 6mm. the height is approx. 9 and 6mm. this item has been made in...

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    The expansion valve gasket shown on this page is a generic item. You can find it in the catalogue of a variety of espresso machine manufacturers. The gasket is a flat NBR gasket with a pin at the end. The widest section of the gasket has a diameter of 15mm and the pin has a diameter of 6mm. The total height for the gasket is 10mm. Which espresso machine...

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    The non return valve is a key components in a espresso machine. This prevents that water doesn’t flow to places it isn’t intended to do so. This specific spring is used on a variety of espresso machines like Brasilia, Faema, Grimac, La Spaziale, Vibiemme and La Carimali. The spring has a external diameter of 8mm and a overall length of 30mm....

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    Faema E61 small non return valve

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    This O ring in nbr with the specifications 8,9x1,9mm. Makes sure that the brass non return valve seals against the body of the non return valve. Return to the Faema E61 valve parts overview

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    Every valve needs to have return spring to close again. On this page you will find the return spring used in the Faema E61 steam and water valve. As well in their successors used in Vibiemme, Grimac and la Scala machines. This spring is made out of stainless steel and has an external diameter of 12,5mm and a length of 30mm. So, steam and water valves...

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