Conti coffee machine parts

One of the lesser known brands in the world of espresso machines is the company Conti. This is the only manufacturer from Monaco which make their espresso machine in the small city kingdom.

History of Conti espresso machines

The company from Monaco does have a rich history, seen it has been around over half a century. The company Conti was founded under the name SACOME (Société d’Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques et électriques) in 1950 in Paris, France. Six years later the company moved to Monaco and has remained there ever since.

In the beginning they solely made lever operated espresso machines, this was the time the pump operated espresso machine didn’t exist. This started with the Conti empress espresso machine, the type of brewing group used on the earliest espresso machines have remained up to the current day. They did develop pump operated coffee machines as well.


Conti coffee machine models

Over the years, seen they are quite a old company, the company Conti has made a variety of coffee machines.  Some of them are really famous, but some of them are less known.

Conti CC100

One of the most well known Conti models is the Conti CC100. This espresso machine comes in 2 brewing group versions, a solenoid operated brewing group and a manual spring operated brewing group.  The solenoid operated versions come in 1 all the way up to 3 brewing groups. In the case of the lever operated one it goes all the way to a version with 4 brewing groups.

This espresso machine is simple in design and technically not a complex espresso machine. Which is basically the best design you can have for a espresso machine. 

Conti X one

The Conti X one is one of the latest coffee machines made by Conti. This espresso machine is made in a 2 and a 3 brewing group version. Int his case the espresso machine is only made in a solenoid operated brewing version.

This espresso machine is a volumetric coffee machine, this means that you can select the coffee types you want to make. When the amount of water has flown true the brewing group the espresso machine stops the process automatically.

Conti Empress

The Conti Empress is one of the earliest models of lever operated coffee machine made. This espresso machine is available in a vertical single boiler. so the boiler flange is also the heating element flange.  This brewing group is also one of their iconic spring operated lever group. But what makes the early models special is the slightly curved handle and vertical grip. 

Conti Prestina

The Conti Prestina is one of the later models of Conti lever espresso machine. this espresso machine is a single group coffee machine. It is fitted with a steam and a water valve. The brewing group used on this espresso machine is one with their interlink mechanism. The boiler design, a bowl shape version is for that time quite common and you would find this also with other lever espresso machines.

Conti spare parts from Brooks

At Brooks we can supply a variety of spare parts for the Conti espresso machines.  This can be OEM/original spare parts or after market ones. If you can’t find the Conti spare part your looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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