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Espresso machine accessories

Espresso machine accessories

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When you have a espresso machine, commercially or domestically, you do need to have various of accessories to make working a bit easier. If you are a barista in a bar, hotel, restaurant or just a home barista you do need to have some vital equipment. This can be various basic equipment such as cleaning materials and a tamper. But you can go all the way with accessories such as hot glasses, latte art tools and special coffee scales. What kind of accessories are used can be found below

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Coffee Tamper

A tamper is quite a simple but vital tool as a barista. The tamper is used to compress the coffee inside the filterbasket. This is done by pushing the round disc into the group coffee. A tamper is made up out of, in most cases, 2 components. The most common size of tamper is the 58mm, this is used on almost every commercial espresso machine. There are also other sizes all the way down from 43mm up to 53 and 57mm. These tampers are made by various brands such as Motta, Brooks, Cafelat, Joe frexx and Rocket.  These tampers can be stored on a tamper base.

A other barista accessory which is tamper related is the coffee levelling tool. With this tool you distribute the coffee in the filter basket. By turning it around. This tool is found in most standard filter basket sizes and they are made by Motta, Rocket and Pesado.

Milk Pitcher

A milk pitcher can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most well known milk jugs are made by the Italian company Motta. They are one of the few which only produce their milk pitchers in Italy. Most other manufacturers make them in China, this can also be seen on the price.

A feature Motta has introduces are silicone indicator bands for the milk pitcher. So that you can see what type of liquid is inside the pitcher, such as Hazelnut, coconut, oat or just regular milk.

Microfiber cloths

The microfiber cloths are essential to a bar or restaurant, seen you don’t want to have a dirty espresso machine or grinder. There are a variety of sizes and shapes. The most common type is similar to the regular household microfiber cloth, such as the ones made by Cafelat and Joe Frexx which are made in China. We at Brooks have a different type of microfiber cloth, this is softer microfiber cloth made in South Korea. Which is available in 2 colours, a dark grey and a light grey version.

Tamper Mat

The tamper mat is one of the most handy features to save your workbench from getting damaged. There are various sizes and shaped. From just a regular square mat, to a L shaped model which folds around the corner of the workbench. One of the first models of tamper mat was made by Cafelat, later did other manufacturers such as Motta tamper mat and Joe Frexx also started to produce them.

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