Astoria Gloria parts

Astoria Gloria espresso machine parts

The espresso machine on this category page is the Astoria Gloria. This espresso machine is made by the Astoria CMA group. There are various versions made of this model, with as well different combinations. There are in total 3 model versions of the Astoria Gloria espresso machine

Astoria Gloria AL;

Astoria Gloria AEP;

Astoria SAE/Display


Astoria Gloria AL

The Astoria Gloria AL is the lever brewing espresso machine version of the Astoria Gloria. This espresso machine uses the pressure of the compression spring in the group to reach the required pressure instead of a espresso machine pump. If you are looking for parts for that espresso machine we advice to go to our other website brooks-espressomachines. This website is dedicated to lever espresso machines.

Astoria Gloria AEP

The Astoria Gloria AEP is the basic model of the Astoria Gloria espresso machine. This espresso machine only has a manual setting, seen it doesn’t have a flowmeter. SO you are only able to start and stop the brewing process manually. This model type of espresso machine is made from 1 up to 4 brewing groups. Also with various voltages, 1 and 2 groups are available in 120V configuration. The rest is only made in a 230/400V version.

Astoria SAE/Display

The Astoria Gloria SAE is the high end model of the Astoria Gloria. This model is equipped with volumetric dosing, so you will have a touchpad to select the types of coffee you want to use. This espresso machine is available from 1 up to 4 brewing groups. These are all available in 230/380V versions. But for the smaller models are also 120V versions available.

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