Bezzera BZ35 parts 

Bezzera BZ35 espresso machine parts

The Bezzera BZ35 is one of the older single group espresso machines. This espresso machine can be found in 2 configurations

  • Bezzera BZ35 DE
  • Bezzera BZ35 PM

The Bezzera BZ35 PM is the version where you can only start and stop the brewing process manually. The Bezzera BZ35 DE is the version where the brewing process can be done volumetric, these volumetric settings can also be adjusted.

This espresso machine is available in a 110V configuration and one for the 220/240V market. The 110V runs on 1350W. The 220/240V model runs on 1250/1450W

Of each model is also a R or a S version available. The R version is the model fed by the main water line. The S version is fed by a tank at the back of the espresso machine.

There are also 2 options for the pumps. There is a version which has a vibration pump and one which has a volumetric pump.

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