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Mazzer mini 

Mazzer mini coffee grinder parts

The coffee grinder on this model overview page is the Mazzer Mini. This is one of the most iconic coffee grinders. This coffee grinder is mainly used for the domestic market, but you will find this coffee grinder as well in small bars and restaurants. A other function is with a bit more busy bars and restaurants that they are used with less consumed coffee types such as decaf.

There are in total 4 versions of the Mazzer Mini, we only stock the parts for the most common ones. The models are:

Mazzer Mini A Electronic;

Mazzer Mini B Electronic;

Mazzer Mini Doser;

Mazzer mini filter.


The grinding burrs used on the Mazzer Mini A are from the flat type. The grinding burrs for the A and the B model are the same. The Mazzer doser does have a smaller model of burr.


The Mazzer Mini A Electronic

This coffee grinder is different then the Mazzer Mini B version. The selection of the coffee can be done by the touchpanel on top of the coffee funnel. So it doesn’t have a microswitch at the end of the portafilter holder.


The Mazzer Mini B Electronic

This coffee grinder is different then the Mazzer Mini A. With this model the coffee grinding is not controlled by a touchpanel, but with a microswitch. With 1 tab you can activate the single with 2 tabs you will activate the double coffee.


Mazzer Mini Doser

This is one of the most classical type of coffee grinders, the doser version of the version has on the front side a coffee doser. This doser holds a small quantity of ground coffee which is ready to be used. This dosage can be adjusted by turning the doser mechanism clockwise or counter clockwise. As stated before, the grinding burrs on the Mazzer Mini Doser are not compatible with the Mazzer Mini A and The Mazzer Mini B.

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