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Mazzer mini A electronic coffee grinder parts

The Mazzer Mini A is one of the most famous coffee grinders of the Mazzer coffee grinder brand.  This coffee grinder is mainly used in a domestic setting, but you do sometimes see this grinder in bars/restaurants for coffees which aren’t drunk that much.

The Mazzer Mini A is one of the 3 versions of the Mazzer Mini family. This is one of the 2 which has grind on demand.  But it is different from the Mazzer Mini B, this grinder does have on the dose funnel the touch panel for coffee selection. There you can select a single or a double dose. Underneath this funnel you have the potentiometers for the dose adjustment. At this location you will also find the portafilter fork holder where you can lay your portafilter in while grinding.

This coffee grinder uses flat grinding burrs with a clockwise turning direction. These burrs have a outer diameter of 64mm, a internal diameter of 37mm and a thickness of 8,4mm. they are mounted with 3 screws.

The Mazzer Mini A is only available as a single phase coffee grinder, in the option 110V and 220/240V. Seen this grinder is a single phase model, the motor then requires a motor start capacitor.

Mazzer mini A electronic coffee grinder parts

Mazzer mini A electronic

Mazzer Mini A Electronic push button membrane

On this product page you will find a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. The item shown on this page is a touchpanel membrane. This membrane can be used on the Mazzer Mini A electronic. The Mazzer part references for this item are S000MEM01, S000MEM01-A and S000MEM01/A This is the sticker where the keys are integrated in, this item does not include the...

Mazzer sticker coarse - fine

This sticker is used on a variety of Mazzer coffee grinders. This sticker, which shows what the effects are of turning. If you turn the adjustment ring left is coarse and to the right this will be finer ground. So the space between the burrs to the left becomes bigger and to the right the distance between the burrs becomes smaller. This coarse fine...

Mazzer dosing device push buttons and cover

This diaphragm is used in a variety of Mazzer coffee grinders. This diaphragm does only include the metal ring, and the diaphragm, so not the push button board with display(S000SPU03). But this item can be found on a variety of coffee grinders made by Mazzer, solely the electronic ones not the doser grinders. You will find it on the Mazzer Super Jolly...

Mazzer mini coffee collecting tray

When you are grinding coffee and filling your portafilter with coffee, it will always happen that you spill coffee grounds. That is why there are with most coffee grinders coffee collecting trays. These are normally stainless steel trays, with some brands you see that those are made from a kind of plastic. For the Mazzer Mini they are made from polished...

Bipolar switch black 16A 250V

The bipolar switch on this product page can be used on various coffee grinder brands. Such as Cimbali and Mazzer. The part references of these models can be found in the extra info tab. This black bipolar switch has been rated up to 16A at 250V. The switch has a led indicator light when turned on. The mounting hole is 22x30mm. The switch has been made in...

Mazzer motor cover

On this page you will find a motor cover used on the Mazzer mini. This motor cover plate covers the inside of the motor with the Mazzer electronic models. You can already see the shape in the plate of the funnel which goes in front of the plate. The plate is used on both mini models. The Mazzer mini electronic A and the Mazzer mini electronic B. With the...

Mazzer portafilter holder fork

What does a portafilter holder fork actually do? Well when you lay your portafilter in the fork it supports itself while the ground coffee comes out of the Mazzer Mini. The portafilter fork holder you find on this page is only suitable for the Mazzer Mini Electronic A and the Mazzer Mini Electronic B. The specific fork holder is made out of stainless...

Mazzer AER stop gasket

Every Mazzer coffee grinder has this item installed. The AER gasket. This gasket is located between the coffee doser and the body or between the funnel and the body. The item has the part numbers S000GUA01 or S000GUA01/QQQ  You can find this item on the doser models of the Mazzer coffee grinder models: Mini, Lux, Super Jolly, Major, Kony,...

Mazzer adjustment ring pin M5

How am I going to adjust the grind adjustment on my Mazzer coffee grinder? Well your burrs can be adjusted with the burr adjustment ring (SSJ0GHA02) this pin goes into the side of this ring in one of the 5 mounting holes. This specific adjustment pin screws into one of these 5 holes with a M5 thread. Note: if the ring doesn’t move because it is...

Mazzer mini funnel gasket with mesh

On this page you will find a kit for the Mazzer Mini Electronic. This specific kit is installed between the grinder housing of the Mazzer Mini and the Funnel. The gasket is there to keep the wire mesh in place. The wire mesh has the dimensions of 36x32mm. this specific mesh is only suitable for 220/240V models of the Mazzer Mini Electronic A and Mazzer...

Mazzer mini grinding blades Electronic single phase 64mm Original

If you start to notice that your coffee grinder has difficulties with grinding the coffee beans, the chance is big that the burrs need to be replaced. Even your Mazzer Mini coffee grinder can have this issue.  On this page you will find the grinding burrs for the Mazzer Mini. These burrs are suitable for multiple models for the Mazzer mini like The...

Mazzer Mini hopper lid

It is quite common that you lose or break your hopper lid of your coffee grinder. On this page you can find the hopper lid for the Mazzer mini. This lid is suitable for the models Mazzer mini electronic A, Mazzer mini electronic B and the Mazzer mini doser. The Mazzer mini hopper lid is made from plastic and has a diameter of 160mm. it is a original part...