Coffee machine steam wands and valves

A steam valve on a espresso machine can sometimes be a interesting object. Seen the amount of parts which goes into a valve like that, just to seal off the boiler pressure. What kind of valve parts you need on your espresso machine does mainly depend on the brand of espresso machine you have.

A steam valve can be made up out of a variety of parts, such as valve bodies, gaskets, springs and shafts. The main purpose of a steam valve is that when you need steam, you can get it by opening the valve. If you don’t need it, leave the valve shut.

Components of a steam valve

As mentioned above a steam valve does have a lot of moving components in them, these part do need to be maintained. Because rubber gaskets can dry out or a valve shaft can be bend by accident. Below we have a few of the most important components on a valve of a espresso machine.

Steam wand

The steam wand can be found in a variety of shapes, materials and can be fitted with various steam tips. The most common model of steam tube is made from stainless steel, but you do also have them from chrome plated copper. Then you have the steam tips, these tips can have various hole sizes and a variety of amount of holes.

Valve body

The valve body is the place where all the valve parts come together. There are 2 types of valve body, one is the version such as with a Faema E61 espresso machine is completely open and visible. The other one is for instance on a Cimbali, where you just have a rough casting. Which doesn’t matter seen that valve isn’t visible, only the knob sticks out of the body panelling.


Valve knob

Every single espresso machine brand has their own style of valve knob. In virtually all cases these are made from a plastic, which does make easy cleaning. But you do see sometimes also models which have wooden handles, which does look nice but water and wood isn’t always the best combination.



To properly seal off a valve you do require various gaskets. Which types of gasket depends on which brand you use. This can be done with a flat gasket for sealing off the boiler or for sealing off the shaft they do use steam valve o rings.

Accessories for the perfect cappuccino

To make the perfect cappuccino or the best Latte you do require some accessories, otherwise it is not possible to froth up your milk properly.


The most important thing you need is a milkpitcher. If you don’t have this you can’t properly froth up your milk. You have various shapes and sizes, from a variety of brands. A small tip, never use a milkpitcher which as a coating on the inside.


Latte art pen

A latte art pen can be used to make shapes into the frothed up milk, once it has been poured into the coffee cup. Does it give a better taste? No, it’s just a aesthetics thing which is hyped. These pens can also come in a variety of shapes, seen it’s basically painting with frothed milk.

Cleaning your steam wand

If you don’t keep your steam wand clean you basically should not use it. Seen it is not hygenic to have a steam tube which is covered in old milk residues. Besides the fact that the holes of your steam tip can become clogged up.

Just take a milk pitcher, fill this with water and add a certain amount of Brooks Milkcleaner. The amount depends on the amount of milk residues. Purge the steam valve a couple of time and let the solution soak. After this you can wipe off the milk residues. Rinse afterwards with drinking water.


Steam tube and valves from Brooks

At Brooks we sell a variety of spare parts for Steam tubes and valves. These parts can be OEM/original spare parts as well as aftermarket ones. In some cases brands use universal spare parts, so then there is not really a difference between a OEM/original or non original spare part.

If you can find the parts for your steam valve, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you out.

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