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The boiler on a espresso machine has various functions. Traditionally the boiler is made from copper and is used for hot water, steam and heating up the water used for the brewing process.

In most cases there was only 1 boiler inside the espresso machine, but nowadays you do see more often espresso machines which have a central steam boiler and a brewing group boiler. There is also a change of materials, traditionally boilers where always made from copper and brass. But now you do see more stainless steel boilers used in espresso machines.

But you do also need to seal off these espresso machine boilers. In the past it was more common to have a open boiler on one, or 2 sides. These sides where sealed off with a boiler gasket and a boiler flange. Sometimes in combinations with boiler rings to even out the pressure over the flange.

You have components like a safety valve, this is the last safety feature on the espresso machine. this will boiler valve will open up when the pressure inside the boiler will go over a certain pressure. The vacuum valve on a boiler is used when the boiler is heating up to release the “false” air out of the boiler. This valve will close once the pressure inside the boiler is high enough.  

Espresso coffee machine boiler parts


La Cimbali safety valve protector

On this page you will find a rubber like sleeve. This rubber like sleeve is a safety valve protection sleeve. This sleeve slides over a safety valve. When there is a over pressure and steam and water are coming out off the safety valve. This sleeve will catch it and with the side connection the water will flow to the drain. This item doesn’t come...

La Spaziale boiler gasket 93x80x2mm

On this page you can find a boiler gasket which are primarily used on vertical boilers with the brand La Spaziale. The part number used by La Spaziale is 00899. This boiler gasket is made from a fibre material. The outer diameter of this gasket is 93mm the inner diameter is 80mm and the thickness is 2mm. You will see this boiler gasket with the single...

Anti vacuum valve TV 1/4"

This type of anti vacuum valve is one of the most common valves around. This valve is suitable for a variety of espresso machine brands like Casadio, La Carimali, San Marco, San Remo, La Cimbali, Grimac, La Spaziale and so on. This anti vacuum valve has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The body of this anti depression valve has been made out of...

Gaggia boiler safety valve 3/8" 3/4" 1,8 bar

The item on this page is a boiler safety valve. This valve is used to release the pressure from inside the boiler. This model of boiler valve can be used on various Gaggia espresso machine models. The Gaggia part reference numbers for this item are 12000581  and 12001710. This boiler safety valve is slightly different then the traditional pressure...

Safety valve 1/2" 1.8 bar CE-PED

The boiler valve on this page is one of the bigger ones. This specific boiler safety valve can be used on various Bezzera and Rancilio espresso machines. The Rancilio part references for this valve are 10060511 and 10060512. The Bezzera part references are 5965001 and 5965015. This safety valve has a male ½” BSP-G thread. The...

Anti vacuum valve 1/4"

A Anti vacuum valve is used to prevent that the pressure switch is kicked in too early when heating up. This anti vacuum valve has a male screw thread of ¼” BSP. A anti vacuum valve exists out of multiple components. The body with the threads, in this case made from stainless steel. The plunger, made from brass. This plunger has also the...

Nuova Simonelli/Victoria Arduino injector tube PTFE

The item on this product page is a heat exchanger tube used on various Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino espresso machines. This item is a OEM/Original spare part. The Nuova Simonelli part reference number for this item is 98030055, for Victoria Arduino the part reference number is 98030055.  This tube has been made from the material PTFE. The...

Rancilio EN boiler gasket 175x125x2mm

If a boiler has a bolt on flange, it needs to be sealed in sort of a way. That’s why you have boiler gaskets. This boiler gasket is suitable for a variety of Rancilio espresso machine models. The Rancilio part number for this boiler gasket is 36930011  This boiler gasket has been made out of a fibre gasket material. The outer diameter of this...

San Marco sprint PTFE boiler gasket 134X124X3mm

The gasket on this page is a boiler locking gasket. This gasket is used on various La San Marco espresso machines. The La San Marco part reference for this item is 109099 and CTSGUA0340. This boiler gasket has been made from PTFE. The outer diameter is 131mm the inner diameter is 123mm and the thickness is 3mm. This gasket has been made in Italy....

Faema boiler gasket 150x137x3mm

The boiler gasket on this page is used on various older models of Faema espresso machine boilers. This gasket has a outer diameter of 150mm a inner diameter of 137mm and a thickness of 3mm. this gasket has been made in Italy. You can use this boiler gasket on the Faema P4, Faema P6, Faema E64 and the Faema E66.