Astoria Plus 4 You parts

Astoria Plus 4 You espresso machine parts

The espresso machine is this category is the Astoria Plus 4 you. This espresso machine model is one of the high end models of the Astoria CMA group. Of this model is only 1 configuration.

This Astoria Plus 4 you is a dual boiler system. What does that mean? There is a “big” central boiler for the production of steam and water for tea. The dual boilers are for the brewing groups. Each individual brewing group has it’s own coffee boiler. So you can adjust the temperature for each brewing group to your own preferences.

This espresso machine is manufactured from a 2 group espresso machine to a 4 group. This espresso machine is not available in a 110/120V configuration.

The boilers used on each individual brewing group produce about a 1000W. The steam and water boiler use a heating element from 3000W up to about 5500W.

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