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The espresso machine company Rancilio was founded in 1926. And from 2011 they are part of the Rancilio group. Companies like the espresso machine manufacturer Promac and the swiss company Egro are also part of this group.

Rancilio started initially with the production of the lever espresso machine, seen the pump driven espresso machine didn’t exist at that moment. When the pump driven espresso machines where introduced Rancilio also started to produce these types of espresso coffee machines. But up to the current day they still produce lever operated espresso machines.

Rancilio is present at the domestic and the commercial espresso machine market. As well for the espresso machine grinder market.

For the domestic market Rancilio does have one of the most iconic espresso coffee machines in their assortment. The Rancilio Silvia. This all started in 1997 with the Rancilio Silvia V1 and at the moment there is a Rancilio Silvia V6 and even a Rancilio Silvia Pro. The domestic coffee grinder made by Rancilio the Rocky was in the same period of the Rancilio Silvia V1.

The commercial market is being supplied by Rancilio for a much longer time then the domesic coffee machine market. This started in the beginning with the Lever espresso machines, in the 70ies with the pump driven machines  like the Rancilio Z8, Z9 and later on the S10. Around the turn of the century the Rancilio Epoca, Rancilio Classe 10 and the Rancilio Classe 12 where introduced. Later on also models like the Rancilio Classe 9,Classe 7 and the Flaggship the Rancilio Classe 11. At the moment rancilio still has a lever operated espresso machine in production. The Rancilio Classe 5 Leva.

The Rancilio company also still manufactures commercial grinders. 2 good exampled of this are the Kryo 65 and the MD grinder. They do have both flat grinding blades/burrs

The latest additional of the Rancilio group is the Rancilio Specialty. This espresso machine goes more to the specialty coffee side then their traditional line of espresso machines.

On this page you can make a selection between the Rancilio model category, there you can find a variety of models like the Rancilio Classe 5, Rancilio classe 10, Rancilio Epoca and a variety of Rancilio Silvia parts.

On the other category you can select a product type like electronics, pressure switches, solenoid valves which are/where used on Rancilio espresso machines.

Rancilio Model

Rancilio Model

Rancilio Part category

Rancilio Part category

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