Espresso Machine Parts

At some point in the life of your espresso machine will start to break down. This can be due to simple things like gaskets/o-rings or portafilter gaskets which dry out. Or more serious things like damage to boilers or electronics. When you use your espresso machine commercially in your coffee bar, hotel or restaurant this can have quite big consequences. Seen you can’t serve your customers when your espresso machine is broken.

On this category over view page the main coffee machine parts are grouped in main categories. Such as coffee machine heating elements, espresso machine brewing groups, steam and water valves and so on.

These main categories have a variety of sub categories like with electronics, you will find dosing devices, SSR’s, level regulators, switches, pilot lights. This makes searching for the component your looking for much easier, this can be easily done with the filter function you will find on most espresso machine pages. If you can't find the part your looking for, don't hesitate to contact us

The spare parts shown in these categories can be used with espresso machine brands such as Astoria, Bezzera, ECM, Faema, Casadio, La Cimbali, Sanremo, La San Marco, La Pavoni, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, VBM, Wega and a whole lot of other coffee machine manufacturers.

It is possible that you are unable to find the spare part your looking for, then it might be handy to send us a message so that we can source the part your looking for. In the case of a lot of OEM/Original spare parts is the case that they are not ready in stock and need to be ordered. With this you need to think of copper tubing, body panels, boilers, brewing groups and so on. In most cases the “consumables” are available as a OEM spare part.

If your espresso machine is vital for your bar/hotel or restaurant we advice that you keep certain parts in stock, such as portafilter gaskets, the gaskets for your steam and water valves and a spare pump. A lot of people will say that having parts like that is a waste, but it is cheaper than not be able to serve your customers. Especially when spare parts are difficult to source, seen some brands have very long lead times such as with the La Cimbali Group.

The handiest is always to do preventative maintenance. In some cases this is also mandatory, seen parts such as safety valves have a maximum guaranteed life expectancy of only 2 years. But other parts such as portafilter gaskets, water inlet valve gaskets, steam and water valve gaskets just wear out over time.

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