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The touch panel on a espresso machine might be one of the most revolutionary additions to a espresso machine. This can be the case with a volumetric espresso machine and with a non volumetric coffee machine. Below you will find a variety of touch panels for various espresso machines.

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There are a variety of touch panels made true ought the years, with various designs and features. This ranged from the non volumetric single start stop buttons to the fully integrated touchscreens on espresso machines.

There are 2 main types of push button panels, they can be used for volumetric and non volumetric espresso machines

  • Membrane push buttons;
  • Push button panels

If you have a non volumetric espresso machine, so you need to manually start and stop the brewing process you require a level regulator in your espresso machine. When you have a volumetric touch panel, so where the brewing process stops automatically. You require a dosing device, in this electrical component is already a level regulator integrated.

Membrane push button panel

The membrane push button panel is in most cases a flat membrane with a adhesive at the back.  This type of push button panel gives a signal when the membrane of that specific button. These membranes are normally a bit cheaper then the push button panels.

Push button panel

The push button panels are different then the membranes, seen these base of these push button panels you have a basis which is a small circuit board. This Circuit board does have small push buttons on it.

Both these types of touchpanels are made by the Italian brands Gicar and Giemme.


But how do you attach your push button panel to the level regulator/dosing device?

Well on the back of the push button panels you have a connector located. These have male connections which have the layout of 4x2, 5x2, 7x2 or 8x2. The ribbon cables have connectors which are female, but with the same amount of connections.

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