Astoria coffee machine spare parts

Our range of Astoria coffee machine parts

At Brooks, we sell a wide range of Astoria CMA brand coffee machine parts, many of which are compatible with Wega's espresso machines. Which in itself makes sense, considering Wega is part of the Astoria CMA group.

The type of parts we can supply range from the different sizes of filter carrier for Astoria espresso machines, as there are multiple types of brewing groups. The various electronic components, such as dosing units, level controllers and pressure switch panels.

In addition, we can also provide a variety of barista accessories and water filters that you can use with your Astoria espresso machine.

Astoria Model

Astoria Model

Astoria Part category

Astoria Part category

History of Astoria

The Astoria CMA group, to which Astoria belongs, was founded in 1969 by Nello dal Tio. One of the best-known brands of the Astoria CMA group is Wega, which has existed since 1985.

Astoria CMA group is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial espresso machines, it might also have to do with the fact that they are multiple brands. Specifically, these are semi automatic espresso machines and models that have a lever brew group.

The coffee machine brand Astoria has built a variety of models over the years such as the dual boiler coffee machine Astoria Plus 4 you, as well as the somewhat traditional machine such as the Astoria Argenta and the Astoria Divina.


Advantages of original parts

Using genuine Astoria CMA coffee machine parts may have advantages, but this is by no means a requirement. In many cases, aftermarket parts will function exactly the same.


Fit and compatibility

It is often the case that Astoria CMA original parts fit just a little better, in part because they are the company that designed the products. That absolutely does not mean that aftermarket parts cannot be used. If a part is defined as compatible with a specific Astoria part number, it is simply compatible. In addition, Astoria CMA, like many other espresso machine manufacturers, uses universal parts which are identical parts. But a fraction of the price.


Extended lifespan

Using the right parts for your Astoria espresso machine will also extend the life of your coffee machine. But you can use OEM/Original parts for repairs, but if you do not perform regular maintenance or use a water filter/softener for your coffee machine, the machine will start to show technical defects.

So the most important thing is periodic maintenance on your Astoria espresso machine and using OEM Astoria CMA coffee machine parts.


Astoria coffee machine parts order at Brooks

At Brooks Parts, we sell a wide range of Astoria espresso machine parts. These can be OEM/original parts as well as aftermarket parts. There can be price differences in these, though. In addition, you run into the problem that some original parts can have a long delivery time. In some cases, older components have also been discontinued.

If you can't find the part you're looking for, please feel free to contact us so we can help you, or else check out our blog page to see if you can find more information there


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