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Astoria Sabrina - hydraulics 

Astoria Sabrina - hydraulics 

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Astoria Sabrina - hydraulics espresso machine parts

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  • 0,54 € Add to cart In Stock

    The item on this product page is a crushable copper gasket. This gasket can be used with a variety of espresso machine brands such as Casadio, ECM Heidelberg, La Scala, Cimbali, Faema, Astoria, Nuova Simonelli, Pavoni, Wega and Rancilio. This crushable copper gasket has a outer diameter of 18mm a inner diameter of 14mm and a thickness of 2mm. This gasket...

  • 48,52 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this page you will find a 2 way solenoid valve manufactured by the company Parker, this specific valve has been produced in Italy. This solenoid valve is mainly used as a water inlet valve and a steam and water valve solenoid. The Parker part numbers for this item are 397442 and 397443. This solenoid valve is a version which has a female threaded in...

  • 29,10 € Add to cart In Stock

    The expansion and non-return valve on this page is one of the most standardized items used in espresso machines manufactured by the Astoria CMA company. The Astoria part reference is 20361 and of the Wega the part reference is WY20361  This non return and expansion valve has 1 inlet and 2 outlets. The inlet is a male ¼” BSP-G, the...

  • 5,83 € Add to cart In Stock

    On this product page you will find a ball valve. This valve has been manufactured in Italy. This type of valve is used with a variety of brands like Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino. The part numbers used for this item are for la Marzocco L164, for Nuova Simonelli 09000016 and for Victoria Arduino 09000016  The valve is a MF...

  • 1,68 € Add to cart In Stock

    The item on this page is a double male fitting. The threads used on each side are ¼” BSP-G threads. They are straight and not conical. This type of fitting is used with various brands such as San Marco, Grimac, Astoria, Wega, La Spaziale, Nuova Simonelli, Pavoni, Victoria Arduino and Gaggia. The complete reference and model list can be...

  • 1,81 € Add to cart In Stock

    This type of fitting is a reduction. From 1/8 to ¼ and can be used on numerous espresso machine brands such as Marzocco, Grimac, La Scala, Astoria, Spaziale, Wega, Pavoni and Rancilio. The part reference numbers can be found in the extra info tab. This fitting is made from machined brass. On one side is a male 1/8” BSP-G on the other side is...

  • 1,63 € Add to cart In Stock

    The stainless steel filter on this page can be used in a variety of applications like in hydraulic systems, pump inlets and in water inlet valves. This model of stainless steel filter is mainly used with Astoria CMA branded machines. The Astoria part number is 10254 and the Wega part number is WY10254  This dome shaped stainless steel wire mesh...

  • 39,55 € Add to cart Shipment after 5 - 10 working days*

    The flowmeter on this page is one of the most commonly used flowmeters in espresso machines. This flowmeter has been manufactured by the Italian company Gicar, so also made in Italy. In the extra field tab next to this text you will see a entire list of compatibilities with other models and brands. This specific flowmeter does not come with a fixed wire,...

  • 21,20 € Add to cart available on request

    The Astoria and Wega drain tank on this page is only used on a few models made by Astoria CMA. This drain pan is a OEM/Original item. The Wega part number for this item is WY15502003 , the Astoria number is 15502003. This plastic drain tank has 8 tube connection points for drain inlet. And 1 exhaust drain to the sewage system. This  drain tub can...

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