Compak coffee grinder parts

On this coffee grinder page you will find the coffee grinder brand Compak. This coffee grinder brand is one of the few which doesn’t originate in Italy. But in this case in Spain.

The assortment of products made by Compak is really broad, the basis of it always remain grinding and tamping coffee. Yes recently also coffee tamping.

Compak manufacturers various doser coffee grinders such as the Compak K10, Compak K6, Compak K3. These can be supplied with conical grinding burrs or just with standard flat grinding blades.

The coffee grinder company Compak does also manufacture on demand coffee grinders such as the Compak F10, Compak F8 and the Compak PKF. These can have features like dose by weight and portafilter detection. The Conic models are equipped with conical grinding burrs and the other ones just with flat grinding burrs.

They also manufacture shop grinders for in retail stores like the Compak R140, Compak R120 and the Compak R8.

Their latest additional is the Cube tamp, this is a automatic coffee tamper. With this device you will place your just filled portafilter into the Cube Tamp. A tamper will come down and will put a force between 10 – 30 kg on the coffee. This pressure is adjustable.

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