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Victoria Arduino - spare parts 

Victoria Arduino espresso machine parts

One of the oldest espresso machine manufacturers in the world is Victoria Arduino from Turin. The first espresso machine Victoria Arduino was developed in 1905. A couple of years later in 1910 the double tap system was patented. These were used on the vertical steam powered boilers. One of the most famous items of Victoria Arduino is not a espresso machine itself. But is the poster that Victoria Arduino had made for a advertisement campaign in 1922. This poster was made by Leonetto Cappiello.

After the 2nd world war Victoria Arduino also started to use a lever brewing group on a variety of models like the Victoria Arduino Supervat and the Victoria Arduino Minivat.

In the period from 1970 tot the turn of the century you didn’t hear that much of the Victoria Arduino espresso machine company. Models made in that period where the Victoria Arduino Venus and the Victoria Arduino Venus Family.,

In the year 2001 Victoria Arduino was purchased by the Simonelli group, as you probably expected, this is the head company of Nuova Simonelli. Nowadays you see a lot of interchangeable parts between these 2 brands and have quite often similar product codes.

After that Victoria Arduino became part of the Simonelli group they became a more prominent player in the specialty coffee world. With their Victoria Arduino Mythos one grinder and the launch of the Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle. This machine also became the Official machine of the World Barista Championship.

At the moment Victoria Arduino has a variety of commercial espresso machines, also lever espresso machines. Like the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle, Victoria Arduino White eagle, Victoria Arduino White eagle Leva and the Victoria Adonis. Recently Victoria Arduino also launched the Victoria Arduino Prima for the domestic market

Besides the espresso machines Victoria Arduino also manufactures a variety of grinders like the Victoria Arduino Mythos, Victoria Arduino MDJ, Victoria Arduino MDXS and the Victoria Arduino MDH.

On this overview page you can make the selection for Victoria Arduino espresso machines per model.  Or Victoria Arduino parts per parts category like solenoid valves, brewing groups, portafilters, gaskets, pressure switch and so on.

If you are looking for parts for the Victoria Arduino Lever espresso machines we advise to have a look at our brooks-espressomachines website.

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