Eureka coffee grinder parts

The italian coffee grinder manufacturer Eureka makes a variety of coffee grinders. This ranges from “on demand” coffee grinders to “doser” coffee grinders for commercial and domestic applications. But you can basically use them for the following coffee types, Turkish, Espresso, Moka, Drip and French Press. But there are 2 models where Eureka got famous from, that is the Mythos and off course the Mignon.

Spare parts for Eureka grinders

A coffee grinder requires a lot of components, even though they are not the biggest devices. This does depend on which type of coffee grinder you have. Normally the “doser” coffee grinders require more components, seen they are mechanically a bit more complex. They use a variety of springs and camshaft to operate.

Common spare parts you can find on a Eureka coffee grinder are microswitches, circuit boards, capacitors and coffee collection

Coffee hopper

A coffee hopper is basically a storage container for coffee beans which are ready to be ground. For the domestic grinders, such as the Mignon, you have a small square hopper. For the commercial models, such as the Olympus, you have a rounded off hopper. Cleaning tip: use Puly hopper cleaner to get the coffee grease from the in and outside of the grinder.

Coffee grinding burrs

The coffee grinding burrs used on Eureka coffee grinders vary a bit. They use flat grinding burrs as well as conical models. The flat grinding burrs can mainly be found on the domestic grinders, such as the Mignon models. The conical grinding burrs are a little bit less common, you can find those for instance on the Eureka Olympus coffee grinder.


Models Eureka grinders

Eureka Mignon specialita

This version of the Eureka Mignon series of coffee grinder is ideal to use in a domestic setting. It has been fitted with a microswitch lever, so you don’t have to touch the grinder. Only push the portafilter against the grinder and it will start grinding in the selected option. This specific model can be used for either espresso or brew coffee.

Eureka Perfetto

 The Eureka Perfetto is also one of the models of the Mignon series, which is a small but powerful domestic coffee grinder. This coffee grinder is fitted with the stepless micrometric regulation system, which is a Eureka patent. This grinder has been fitted with a touchscreen where you can select 2 doses and a continuous option. This version of the Mignon has also been fitted with a hands free fork.

Eureka Magnifico

The Eureka Magnifico is also one of the mignon series coffee grinders, the mignon series coffee grinders are quite popular coffee grinders for the domestic market. This coffee grinder does have a lot of similarities with the coffee grinders above, such as the ACE system which prevents clumping of the coffee. Or the hands free fork, where you don’t have to push any button to start the coffee grinder grinding. So this coffee grinder is ideal for a home barista or a small office space.

Keep your coffee grinder clean

Normally you don’t think about keeping your coffee grinder clean, but if you are using old residues of coffee grounds you can get a bad espresso. So it is important to keep the grinder clean, this can be done in by internally and externally cleaning the grinder.

Clean the outside;

This can be done with the help Puly bar and a microfibre cloth made by Brooks. With this combination you can easily remove the coffee residues from the outside of your coffee grinder and the coffee collection tray.

Cleaning the grinding burrs

You don’t think that often about this, but this is quite important to do. Remove the power plug from the wall, so that it can’t go on. Remove the upper burr holder and clean the grinding chamber with a cleaning brush. You do need to do this in a regular interval. On a weekly basis you can run Puly caff true the grinder, this removes the old coffee residues from the grinding chamber and from the grinding burrs.

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