Rebuild kit 

When you want to rebuild your espresso machine the amount of components you need to do this it can be a bit overwelming. For that reason we supply some spare part kits for the most common types of coffee machines. For most coffee machines we don't have rebuild kits, seen there are a lot of differences between models of brands itself.

what kind of rebuild kits do we have available? the most common type of rebuild kits are the ones where you would find moving parts, such as the steam/water valves and the manual brewing groups. Such as with the E61 types of brewing groups. Keep in mind that not all the e61 brewing groups are the same.

If you have for instance a Faema E61 brewing group, you won't be able to use parts of these sets on brewing groups such as the Rocket e61 style of brewing groups, seen their components are slightly different.
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