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Aurora-brugnetti - Heating element 

Aurora-brugnetti - Heating element 

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Aurora-brugnetti machine parts heating element

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    Aurora Brugnetti heating element 3000W 230/400Vsubmerge length 310mm

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    The heating element on this page is suitable for a 2 group San Remo espresso machine. The San Remo part reference for this item is 10455052  The heating element produces 2700W with 230/380V, there are 6 connecting poles. This element has a immersed length of 325mm. The element has a screw in flange which has a diameter of 1”1/4. In the middle...

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    On this page you will find a heating element suitable for various Brasilia and Aurora Brugnetti espresso machines. This heating element is suitable for 2 group espresso machine boilers. The Brasilia part reference is 00627.2.00.08 and for Aurora Brugnetti the reference is 000304. This heating element produces 2400W at 230V. The element is connected with...

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    On this page you will find a PTFE heating element gasket is suitable for a variety of brands such as Victoria Arduino, Grimac, Astoria, Faema and San Remo. This heating element gasket has a outer diameter of 57mm a inner diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 3mm. This size of gasket is suitable for a 1”1/4 screw in heating element.

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    The heating element on this page you can use with Carimali and Aurora Brugnetti espresso machine boilers. This specific model is for a 2 group boiler. The Brugnetti part number for this item is 000645.F and the Carimali number is 96.05100  This specific heating element produces 3000W at 230/400V and has 6 connection poles. The immersed length of...

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