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Mazzer Super Jolly 

The Mazzer Super jolly coffee grinder is one of the most versatile coffee grinders around. This coffee grinder is made for the commercial market such as bars, hotels and restaurants. But you will also find this coffee grinder at private individuals. The Mazzer Super jolly has been build in single phase 110V and 230V, this device does require a capacitor. The Mazzer Super Jolly three phase coffee grinder does not require a capacitor.

There are in total 3 basic models of the Mazzer Super Jolly coffee grinder;

Mazzer Super Jolly Doser;

Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic;

Mazzer Super Jolly drogeria


Mazzer Super Jolly Doser

This coffee grinder is the basic model of a coffee grinder. The grinder has a doser installed on the front of the coffee grinder. This doser can hold a certain amount of ground coffee ready to use.

Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic

The Electronic version of the Mazzer Super jolly is also called a On demand version. This coffee grinder will only grind the coffee you need at that moment. If youw ant to grind the coffee you can click on the touchpanel located on top of the dose funnel. You can select a single or a double coffee.

Mazzer Super Jolly drogeria

This coffee grinder is probably the least used version of the Mazzer Super Jolly. This grinder can be used in coffee shops and with roasteries, to grind coffee beans into ground coffee in bags. The clip installed is also to hold the bag underneath the nozzle where the ground coffee comes out of.

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