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Mazzer Super Jolly electronic coffee grinder parts

Mazzer Super Jolly electronic spare parts

Mazzer Super Jolly electronic coffee grinder parts

Mazzer Super Jolly electronic

Mazzer Super Jolly grinding blades single phase 64mm Original part

The Mazzer Super Jolly uses flat grinding burrs, instead of the conical grinding burrs some Mazzer models use. The grinding burrs shown on this page are used in the Mazzer Super Jolly Doser and the Mazzer Super Jolly. The original flat grinding burrs, which are left turning, have a external diameter of 64mm and a internal diameter of 37mm. the thickness...

Mazzer Super Jolly coffee hopper

The coffee hopper on this page is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. This coffee hopper has the Mazzer part reference S00SCAE01  This hopper is only suitable for the older models of the Mazzer Super Jolly and the Mazzer Major, which have been manufactured before 2006. This coffee hopper comes complete. So with a lid, hopper and the closing mechanism....

Mazzer motor rotation sticker

The sticker on this page basically says it all. It’s a Mazzer rotation sticker. The reason why they place this seen there are left and right turning motors. You do have also with a variety of brands where the motor spins the left way, like with Mazzer. But there are also brands which have a right turning motor. The blade design of the burrs for such...

Mazzer switch 0-1 20A 690V

The switch on this page is a switch used in a variety of Mazzer coffee grinders. The Mazzer part reference for this switch is S000INA13. This selector switch has been made by the Italian company Bremas. The Bremas part references are CA0170002 and CA0170002V. This Bremas switch is rated up to 20A at 690V. The switch has 2 positions 0 and 1. The selector...

Mazzer double timer electronic board 220-240V

The electrical part on this page is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. This item is used on various Mazzer coffee grinders. The Mazzer part references for this item are S000SCT06, S000SCT06/AQQ and S000SCT06-A. This timer board is suitable in the 220/240V application. The board itself is 100x74mm and has been made in Italy. You can only use this...

Mazzer machine foot M5x0.75

Almost every Mazzer coffee grinder has 4 individual feet to give it stability in harsh working environments. The feet are made up out of 2 parts. The feet itself. This is a rubber feet with a metal stud sticking out of it. This thread is a M5x0,75mm. The next part is the stainless steel cup which goes over the rubber feet. These feet are only sold per 4...

Mazzer AER stop gasket

Every Mazzer coffee grinder has this item installed. The AER gasket. This gasket is located between the coffee doser and the body or between the funnel and the body. The item has the part numbers S000GUA01 or S000GUA01/QQQ  You can find this item on the doser models of the Mazzer coffee grinder models: Mini, Lux, Super Jolly, Major, Kony,...

Capacitor 8μF 450V

The capacitor on this page is a 8µF model. This model is manufactured by the Italian company Ducati Energia. The part reference for this item is 41610.1364. This capacitor can be found on a variety of coffee grinders and pump motors of the brands such as Faema, Vibiemme, Anfim, Astoria, Mazzer, Wega and so on. This capacitor produces 8µF at...

Mazzer coffee hopper lid ø 210 mm original

The item on this product page is a hopper lid, this item is a OEM/original Mazzer spare part. This unit is used on various coffee grinders of Mazzer and Astoria. The Mazzer part references numbers for this item are S000COD01, S000COD01/AQQ and SMI0COD01. The Astoria part reference number is 28053. This hopper lid is made from a black plastic and has a...

Mazzer Super Jolly/Major coffee hopper

The hopper shown on this product page is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. This hopper can be used on a variety of Mazzer models. This Coffee hopper comes including the shutter, but without the lid. The lid can be found in the accessory tab below. This item has been made in Italy. You can use this OEM Mazzer spare part on the Mazzer Lux, Mazzer Super...

Mazzer dosing device push buttons

The commercial Electronic coffee grinders Made by Mazzer are controlled with a keypad which is located on top of the dosing funnel. This circuit board has the 3 push buttons and the electronic display on it. This specific model of circuit board is used with the coffee grinders: Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic, Mazzer Major Electronic, Mazzer Kony...

Mazzer Super Jolly filterholder fork

The portafilter holder fork on this page is a OEM/Original Mazzer spare part. The Mazzer part reference for this item is S000FOB15. When you place your portafilter in this holder you can leave it there, and it won’t fall out. This filter holder fork has been made from stainless steel. One side of the fork has been provided with a plastic layer to...