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On this category page you will find parts you might need for your La San Marco Espresso machine. The La San Marco company is one of the older coffee machine companies in the world, founded in 1920. Before the period before 1946 La San Marco has created iconic machines like the La San Marco Model 900, the La San Marco Model 42 and the La San Marco Atlantic model.

From the 1950’s La San Marco lever espresso machines like the La San Marco disco Volante, La San Marco Lollobrigida and the La San Marco Model 70. More recent La San Marco has made some iconic espresso machines, from the 1980’s the La San Marco series 85 and in the 1990’s the La San Marco 1995.

At the moment La San Marco only produces Commercial coffee machines, a variety of traditional machines and still a lot of lever espresso machines. The models you can find for quite some time in the catalogue of La San Marco are the: La San Marco 105, La San Marco 100, La San Marco 80 and the La San Marco 85 Roma. These models are in production for quite some time, but are modernized every single time. La San Marco has also introduced a new collection. The D. Collection. These are availablie in multiboiler and single boiler configuration to compete with the competition.

La San Marco probably has currently the largest assortment of lever espresso machines, from the classical La San Marco leva 80 and the more modern La San Marco 20/20 leva and La San Marco Luxury. But their latest addition is the La San Marco Leva V6. This is a double sided espresso machine with 3 lever brewing groups on each side.

Next to the Commerical espresso machines, La San Marco also produces grinders for commercial use. A doser model with flat burrs, the La San Marco SM92, La San Marco SM97. A hybrid doser model, with 2 flat blades and 1 conical. The San Marco SM LK. And one solely conical, the San Marco SM TK. For the models above is also a On demand version available.

In our La San Marco model overview on the website you will find a variety of La San Marco espresso machines. Like the La San Marco 85, La San Marco 95, La San Marco 100 and the La San Marco 105. For the lever espresso machines you need to be at our other website Brooks-espressomachines.com

On the part category you will find a variety of espresso machine parts used on La San Marco espresso machines. The parts a arranged in order of type of coffee machine part. Categories like: Solenoid valve, Portafilter, filterbasket, motor, pump, electrics and so on

If you are unable to find the part your looking just let us know we might be able to help you

San Marco Model

San Marco Model

San Marco Part category

San Marco Part category

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