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Brewing group valve 

Brewing group valve 

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Commercial espresso machine group valve

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    This complete spout valve is located in the top section of a E61 style brewing group. Used on the E61 style groups like the lever group made by VBM ASSVALVEROG, Brasilia 09453.4.00.09, ECM Heidelberg C219900424 and Expobar CTAV1-24 brewing groups. This spout is a assembly out of multiple items, the round shaft, gasket holder, gasket and the square pin on...

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    The item on this product page is only used in some San Remo brewing groups. This item is a brewing group extension fitting. This product is a OEM/Original San Remo part. The part reference number for this item is 14852032A This extension has been made from chrome plated brass. The hole is 6mm. The group side is a 1/8” male fitting, the inlet side...

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    Wega spring guide

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    E61 style spring holder

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    The item on this product page is the upper drain sleeve. This drain sleeve can be used with a wide selection of E61 brewing groups. Such as with the brand Faema, ECM, ECM Heidelberg, Isomac, Pavoni, Rocket and San Remo. This drain sleeve has been made from machined brass. This has been afterwards been nickel and chrome plated. The fitting on the inside...

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    Elektra filter group cap

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    On this page you will find a flat EPDM gasket. This gasket is used as a valve seal in the steam and water valves. This specific valve gasket has the La Spaziale reference 00221. The valve gasket has a outer diameter of 15mm a inner diameter of 6mm and a thickness of 3,5mm. the sealing material is EPDM. This gasket can be used in various La Spaziale...

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    This camme rod for E61 style espresso machines is slightly different then the one used in the Faema E61. This one has a small guide pin at the end which goes inside the group. On the other side there is a squared off section for the lever arm. This section is 6x6mm. To hold the lever in place there is a M6 thread on the end for some sort of a nut. This...

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    Faema E61 Net holder washer 9.8x6.3x1mm

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