E61 style camme rod
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  • E61 style camme rod

E61 style camme rod


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This camme rod for E61 style espresso machines is slightly different then the one used in the Faema E61. This one has a small guide pin at the end which goes inside the group. On the other side there is a squared off section for the lever arm. This section is 6x6mm. To hold the lever in place there is a M6 thread on the end for some sort of a nut.

This model of camme rod is used in a variety of brands which use the e61 style brewing groups like: BFC 0530070, Brasilia 09320.0.00.04, ECM C219900425, Expobar CTAV1-13, Fiorenzato A2200188, Royal 0530070, Vibiemme RACCALCAGR, Wega WY27078008, ECM Heidelberg C219900425, Isomac ISCAM824A1 and La Scala C-0042 

If you are not sure that you have selected the correct part, please send us a message to verify.

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Data sheet

part number
BFC 0530070
Brasilia 09320.0.00.04
ECM C219900425
ECM heidelberg C219900425
Expobar CTAV1-13
Fiorenzato A2200188
Isomac ISCAM824A1
Royal 0530070
Scala C-0042
Wega WY27078008
Domobar Junior
Domobar Super

We would not advice to do so, seen the capacity is too little to proper function in a bar or a restaurant. For a small office this espresso machine would be a good solution, as well as the use in a kitchen.

Well this does depend on how old your Bezzera BZ10 is. Seen you have 2 model versions. There is a pre- 26-06-2010 and a post 27-05-2010 version. The older type is in it’s original configuration isn’t available anymore, for this is a relay rebuild kit available which is the same as the new model.

They are both operated with a Ma-ter pressure switch with is fitted with a safety valve and with a relay. The older ones had a build on relay, but the latest ones have a separate relay.

This model of Bezzera espresso machine is fitted with a solenoid operated Bezzera ring brewing group, so it hasn’t been fitted with a E61 style of brewing group.

The Bezzera BZ10 espresso machine is fitted with a water tank, from this tank the water is pumped, with a Ulka vibration pump, towards the brewing group and into the boiler. So you won’t be able to fit a main water connection to this espresso machine.

The Bezzera BZ10 has been fitted with a double scale pressure gauge, or manometer. So you will see 2 needles, one is for the pump pressure and the other is for the boiler pressure. The boiler pressure goes from 0 up to 3 bar and the pump pressure goes from 0 up to 16 bar.

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