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Espresso and coffee machine pumps

On this page you can find a overview of the coffee and espresso machine pumps. We sell a wide range of different pumps. Like Vibration pumps, magnetic pumps and rotary vane pumps.

When you are buying a new pump motor for your espresso machine you need to look to several point. Seen there are some differences between them

  •           What kind of voltage do they use, this only applies to vibration pumps. But there are models which use 24V instead of 230V or 110V.
  •           Pump output. There is a variety in water movement, they can range from 50 L/h to 200 L/H
  •           Connection. This applies to rotary vane pumps. Is it a flange type connection or a clamp ring.
  •           Pump shaft connection. Most pumps use a small straight shaft, but there are also models which have a rounded off shaft.
  •           Fitting type. Pumps made by Procon use a NPT thread and Fluid o tech pumps use a BSP-G thread.
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